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Asset Tracking Barcode Software Solution from Redbeam RedBeam

Asset Tracking Barcode Solution from RedBeam is the fastest way to manage fixed assets !

Track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets using a comprehensive PC application and an easy-to-use mobile computer.

Getting Started with Barcodes

Getting set up is easy with the Redbeam Asset Tracking Solution. Begin by barcoding each of the assets you want to track. Barcode label printing is easily achieved with a barcode printer designed to print asset tracking labels.

Using the Mobile Computer

To periodically take a physical inventory, use the mobile computing software to scan asset barcode labels and update asset records. The mobile computer has a built-in barcode scanner designed for use with data collection barcode systems.

Using the PC Software

Load the Redbeam Asset Tracking Software on your PC. The installation wizard guides you through several simple setup instructions.

The asset tracking PC software uses a robust imbedded SQL database (license included). Single and multi-user network versions of the software are available.

In the asset tracking PC application, you will enter asset information including:

  • Barcode asset ID Number
  • Location Information
  • Detail Fields
  • Purchasing Information
  • Warranty Expiration Dates of the asset
  • Lease Expiration Dates
  • Maintenance History
  • Asset Images
  • Additional 15 User Defined Fields for checking Pat are done, HSE checks and confirmation.


Data collected on the mobile computer is uploaded to the PC software where a flexible reporting tool allows you to run dozens of useful reports.

Data regarding the location of your fixed assets is at your fingertips. Information about missing assets, assets that require attention, moved or newly added assets is easily generated.

Fixed asset tracking has never been easier!


  • Easy to Use PC Interface
  • Flexible User Defined Fields
  • Intuitive Mobile Computing Screens
  • Ability to Attach Images to Asset Records
  • Robust Reporting with Scope and Sort Capabilities
  • Purchasing History and Depreciation Calculations
  • Import and Export from Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Reliable SQL Database
  • Single User or Network Version of PC Software
  • User Security and Audit History


  • Speed Up Asset Tracking Process
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Locate Assets Easily
  • Track IT Related Information
  • Maintain Insurance Records
  • Comply with Government Regulations
  • Meet Audit Requirements
  • Improve Depreciation Reporting
  • Minimize Paper Work
  • Create One Central Asset Repository
  • Keep History of Asset Use

Redbeam Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking Software

RedBeam Asset Tracking software offers affordable, intuitive fixed-asset management for businesses of all sizes. Print code 128 barcode asset labels for all your trackable items, scan barcodes and track assets utilizing a variety of standard and user-defined criteria. Flexible reporting features allow the user to export data to Excel and generate reports on asset history and value as well as missing items.

Asset Tracking Software is powered by the Microsoft SQL MSDE database, offers robust network capabilities, and includes advanced back up features to protect against data loss. Asset Tracking Standard is available in a single or 5-user version. Choose the Mobile Edition for use with PDA-style batch scanners to scan barcodes on assets anywhere, anytime.

RedBeam Articles

Streamline your fixed asset management process!

Monday October 01, 2007 -
Fixed assets management is an accounting process that seeks to track fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting, improved asset visibility, and theft deterrence.

Many organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. A proven approach to tracking fixed assets utilizes serial numbered asset tags with bar codes for easy and accurate reading. The owner of the assets can take periodic physical inventories with a mobile barcode reader and then produce a report.

An off-the-shelf software package for fixed asset management such as RedBeam Asset Tracking can help your organization track valuable assets such as equipment and supplies. Asset tracking software allows companies to track what assets it owns, where each is located, who has it, and the cost and depreciation of each asset.

The powerful reporting functionality built into the RedBeam asset tracking solution provides dozens of useful reports, including assets by category and department, net book value of assets, assets past due, audit history, and transactions. As a result, companies reduce expenses through loss prevention and improved equipment visibility. They reduce new and unnecessary equipment purchases, and they can more accurately calculate taxes based on depreciation schedules.

RedBeam recommends these, as well as other, enterprise class barcode label printers:

  • Brother PT-9800PCN Series (view data sheet)
  • Brother TD-4100N Series (view data sheet)
  • Citizen CLP-621 Series (view data sheet)
  • CognitiveTPG Advantage DLX Series (view data sheet)
  • Datamax-O'Neil E-Class (view data sheet)
  • Godex EZ1105 Series (view data sheet)
  • Godex EZPi1200 Series (view data sheet)
  • Toshiba B-EV4D Series (view data sheet)
  • Toshiba B-EV4T Series (view data sheet)
  • TSC TTP-245C Series (view data sheet)
  • Zebra TLP2844 Series (view data sheet)
  • Zebra GK and GX Series (view data sheet)

RedBeam software applications are designed to work with the following enterprise class mobile computers:

  • AML M7225 Series (view data sheet)
  • CipherLab CP30 Series (view data sheet)
  • CipherLab CP45 Series (view data sheet)
  • CipherLab 9300 Series (view data sheet)
  • CipherLab 9400 Series (view data sheet)
  • CipherLab 9500 Series (view data sheet)
  • CipherLab 9600 Series (view data sheet)
  • Code Code Reader 4100 (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic  Elf Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic Falcon Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic Falcon X3 Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic  Kyman Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic Lynx Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic Memor Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic Pegaso Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic Skorpio Series (view data sheet)
  • Datalogic Skorpio X3 Series (view data sheet)
  • Honeywell Dolphin 6100 Series (view data sheet)
  • Honeywell Dolphin 6500 Series (view data sheet)
  • Honeywell Dolphin 7600,128MB, Including Windows Mobile 6.0 (view data sheet)
  • Honeywell Dolphin 7850,128MB (view data sheet)
  • Honeywell Dolphin 7900,128MB (view data sheet)
  • Honeywell Dolphin 9700, 128MB (view data sheet)
  • Honeywell Dolphin 6000 (view data sheet) NEW!
  • Intermec CK3 Series (view data sheet)
  • Intermec CK71 Series (view data sheet)
  • Intermec CN3 Series (view data sheet)
  • Intermec CN4 Series (view data sheet)
  • Intermec CN70 Series (view data sheet)
  • Janam  XM 66 Series (view data sheet)
  • LXE MX8  Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola ET1 RedBeam Asset Tracking Only (view data sheet) NEW!
  • Motorola MC2180 Series, Touch Screen Required (view data sheet)
  • Motorola ES400 series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC3090 Series, Color Screen Only (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC3100 Series (view data sheet)  
  • Motorola MC55 Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC55A Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC65 Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC70 Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC75 Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC75A Series (view data sheet)  
  • Motorola MC9090 Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC9190 Series (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC9500 (view data sheet)  
  • Socket Somo 650M Series, Requires 5M Scan Card (view data sheet)
  • Trimble Ranger (view data sheet) NEW!
  • Trimble Nomad (view data sheet) NEW!
  • Unitech PA500 Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech Unitech PA500e Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech PA550 Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech PA600 Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech HT660 Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech HT680 Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech PA690 Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech PA900 Series (view data sheet)

RFID readers can be synced with the application to allowing you to scan or read RFID tags on items wherever they are found.

RedBeam software applications are designed to work with the following enterprise class RFID Reader computers:

  • Motorola MC9090 RFID (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC3090Z (view data sheet)
  • Motorola MC3190Z RFID Series (view data sheet)
  • Unitech RH767 II Series (view data sheet)

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RedBeam Inventory Software: RedBeam, Inc. offers a variety of barcode-based software solutions including Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking & Check In/Check Out. RedBeam, Inc. aims to make your business more productive by providing high-quality, intuitive and affordable barcode software solutions.

About Asset Tracking Software Solution
Asset Tracking Software Solution from RedBeam is perfect for IT Asset Tracking. Track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets using this comprehensive PC application and an easy-to-use barcode scanner.