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Baracoda DualRunners Laser RFID Reader

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Baracoda DualRunners Laser RFID Reader
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The Baracoda DualRunners Laser RFID reader has an intuitive user interface, using the same button to switch it on, connect and scan data. A Multi color LED display shows the connection and battery status while audible beeps indicate successful scans. When the Baracoda DualRunners Laser is connected to a host, scanned data is transmitted in real time to that host. Barcodes are stored in internal memory until they are acknowledged by the application. If you scan data out of the radio range, they will be stored in memory and automatically downloaded when getting back into range

Logistics applications

Data Capture in Warehouse - Inventory Management - Work-in-Progress   

Main Features 

  • Rugged product
  • Extremely durable battery
  • Extended features: Superior reading quality, No Data Loss mode and Auto Reconnection, Internal time clock, Intuitive user interface...
  • Batch capacity: up to 20,000 Tag ID or UPC barcodes
  • Weight: 146g
  • Autonomy: up to 10,000 barcodes or RFID Tags IDs

Reading Technologies available 

Laser SE 950 Class 2


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Baracoda offers a wide range of Bluetooth enabled products. Easy integration is the key to their success. All products are compatible with BaracodaManager software, which resides on the host device. It manages the communication and the transfer of data to a host application, and can even configure the barcode scanners. KEmul is a plugin for BaracodaManager that enters data from the Baracoda bluetooth device into the host application as emulated keystrokes. Baracoda Manager is available for Windows PC, Pocket PC and Palm OS. KEmul can also be used on a number of mobile phones - see the Baracoda website for the latest details.

About Cordless Barcode Scanners
Cordless Barcode Scanners provide portable solutions for rugged environments where users can benefit from the enhanced flexibility, mobility and safety associated with eliminating the data cable. Cordless Barcode Scanners are ideally suited for applications in tough industrial environments, such as loading docks where shipping and receiving of materials requires significant freedom of movement, as well as manufacturing applications where eliminating the cable minimizes the potential for accidents.