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Bluebird Pidion BI-500 Rugged Mobile Scanner

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Bluebird Pidion BI-500 Rugged Mobile Scanner
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Pidion BI-500, a smart, energetic and rugged mobile scanner, brings cost-effective mobility and geniusly advanced data collection options to batch type or real-time use for field workers. With Bluetooth communication, this barcode scanner is compatible with smartphones running on Windows, Android, or iOS.

BI-500 Rugged Mobile Scanner / Handheld Barcode Scanner

▪ Integrated HF RFID reader (optional)
▪ Integrated 1D laser / 2D Imager (HD optional)
▪ 1.5m drop tolerance and IP54 sealing
▪ 110g with battery
▪ Integrated GPS  (AGPS and DGPS)
▪ Windows CE 5.0
▪ Windows, Android and iOS compatible

Smart Technology

Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID (optional)
    Rugged Mobile Scanner - Smart Technology

    The small and compact mobile device is equipped with 1D Laser / 2D imager, optional RFID reader with GPS capability. High Density (HD) reading is also available for reading smaller, condensed codes. Scanning barcode data and saving location data simultaneously, the easy-to-use integrated functionality brings a high level of both productivity and customer satisfaction.

Powerful Notification

0.96 inch OLED, Vibration(optional), Sound
    Rugged Mobile Scanner - Powerful Notification

    The OLED display with full visibility and 3-key keypad deliver high visibility as well as easy asset control. The keypad with ‘scan', ‘up' and ‘down' keys helps easy menu control in the display. Vibration feedback is supported as well as Buzzer and LCD alarms. Strong and loud beep sound with vibration feedback enables you to hear even when you are in unbearably noisy places like really loud factories.

Extensive Compatibility

PCs, PDAs, Pads, Smartphones (Android Phone, iPhone)
    Rugged Mobile Scanner - Extensive Compatibility

    Designed to be flexible with other applications, the Bluetooth barcode scanner can be compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, Windows Mobile 5.0/6.1/6.5, iOS and Android of mobile devices. Users can upload data all at once to PCs or to transmit real-time data instantly to mobile devices.

Ergonomic Ruggedness

IP54, 1.5m Drop, Small Form Factor
    Rugged Mobile Scanner - Ergonomic Ruggedness

    The small and lightweight easy-to-use device has a good sense of the grip and reduces hand fatigue in scan-intensive environments. ith IP54 sealing, the BI-500 can withstand 1.5m drops to concrete and is sealed against rain and dust. Thanks to its in-built water proof design, unexpected showers or drizzles never affects the scanner. It always works even without product case.

Energetic Battery Life

Long-lasting 1,130mAh Li-ion Battery
    Rugged Mobile Scanner - Energetic Battery Life

    The high capacity of 1,130mAh Li-ion battery allows the scanner to last up to 60 hours straight on a full charge and it lasts approximately for 35 hours at a rate of 1 scan per minute. Delivering high portability with minimal power requirements, battery lasts long enough to do an uninterrupted full shift throughout the work day even while a bright OLED and GPS are on.


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About BlueBird logo
Bluebird Soft Korea was the first in the world to initially introduce the Mobile-POS Payment System called PIDION. We at Bluebird define new product concepts and identify promising applications which allows us to provide tomorrow’s POS solutions to you today. We have completed a full lineup of future-oriented PDAs and RFID core components which are all cutting-edge technology embedded within all of Bluebird’s products. With the features of CDMA, WLAN, GSM Module, Bluetooth, IrDA, thermal printer, MSR, MP3, Camera, etc., Bluebird is now recognized as an unchallenged corporate within the Telecommunication field. Instead of merely being a supplier of high-tech devices, we take great pride in being a trusted and acknowledged business partner and pledge ourselves to be the role leader within the Communication Industry.

About Cordless Barcode Scanners
Cordless Barcode Scanners provide portable solutions for rugged environments where users can benefit from the enhanced flexibility, mobility and safety associated with eliminating the data cable. Cordless Barcode Scanners are ideally suited for applications in tough industrial environments, such as loading docks where shipping and receiving of materials requires significant freedom of movement, as well as manufacturing applications where eliminating the cable minimizes the potential for accidents.