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Code Corporation Code Reader 1200 (CR1200)

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Code Corporation Code Reader 1200 (CR1200)
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Code Corporation

Code Reader 1200 (CR1200) is simple, fast and affordable. It is the new market leader for bar code readers, providing the power of digital imaging technology at the lowest price.

CR1200 Features & Benefits:

  • Reads and decodes all symbologies
  • Ruggedized design with permanent lanyard hook surviveability
  • Firmware is field upgradeable
  • Three modes of user feedback ensure 'good read': vibration, visual and audible

JavaScript Application Development Suite allows program development to prepare captured data for integration with enterprise software

Three cabling choices: USB, Serial (RS-232) or PS/2

Exceptionally 'smooth feel' trigger - three million activations

Dynamic Optimization Technology continously improves reader performance

The Code Reader 1210 (CR1210) is the newsest cabled bar code reader in Code's product line. Just as simple, fast and affordable as the Code Reader 1200, the CR1210 is an industrial reader with megapixel imaging capability. The CR1210 Near Field Reader provides support for Matrix bar code symbologies with cell resolution requirements of 6.3 MIL (0.16 mm).

The Code ReaderTM 1200 (CR1200) and Code ReaderTM 1210 (CR1210) product family will be discontinued effective December 1, 2012. The last time to place a purchase order will be on September 30, 2012. The product has been replaced in Code's product line by the CR1400 family


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Code Corporation is a technology leader in the latest generation of image based bar code reading systems.

About 2D Barcode Scanners
A 2D Barcode Scanner can interpret two-dimensional barcodes, which store data in two dimensions, rather than in just a series of black and white bars. 2D barcodes look like checkerboards or a series of traditional barcodes stacked atop one another. 2D Barcode Scanners use both CCD and Imaging technology to read barcodes.