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Convergence CS461 4-Ports EPC Class 1 Gen 2 UHF Passive RFID Fixed Reader

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Convergence CS461 4-Ports EPC Class 1 Gen 2 UHF Passive RFID Fixed Reader
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Convergence Systems

The CS61 4-Port EPC Class 1 Gen 2 Reader is an intelligent RFID reader at UHF frequency. This reader is powered by Impinj technology, with extremely high inventory rate, tag velocity, and true dense reader mode.

  • Certified to the EPCglobalTM Class 1 Gen 2 UHF RFID Protocol in dense-interrogator   
  • Sophisticated data handling for efficient management of large streams of tag data on LAN resources
  • Highly configurable buffering and tag filtering modes to eliminate the redundant tag data so as to reduce LAN traffic and server loading
  • Compliant to the ISO 18000-6 type -C UHF RFID Standard  
  • 640 Kbps tag-to-reader data rates  
  • Robust performance in dense-reader environments   
  • Excellent in transmit and receive mode - generates a different combination of unique reader-to-tag command rate, tag-to-reader backscatter rate, modulation format, and backscatter type   
  • Tremendous savings by using a single transmit/receive antenna for each of its four ports ultra high inventory rate, read rate, and tag velocity
  • Settable and configurable parameters offer maximum throughput and optimal performance
  • Support all Gen 2 commands, including write, lock, and kill 

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4 Port UHF Long Range Class 1 Gen 2 Fixed Reader
1 - 3 Weeks 1,400.00
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
CS461 UHF EPC C1G2 4 Port Fixed Reader + 2pcs of CS771 antenna bundle
CS461 + 2 x CS771 antenna
1 - 3 Weeks 1,500.00
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
CS461 UHF EPC C1G2 4 Port Fixed Reader + 4pcs of CS771 antenna bundle
CS461 + 4 x CS771 antenna
1 - 3 Weeks 1,600.00
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
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Founded in 2000, Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) is a leading design engineering and sales company of RFID readers, antennas, RFID modules, and custom RFID tags. CSL's readers have built-in middleware and edge server application supporting EPC Gen 2 specifications. CSL also offers a full line of active RTLS RFID products. CSL was established to deliver a broad portfolio of RFID products to OEMs and system integrators in logistic management, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, access control, asset and security management, transportation, and retail industries around the world. CSL is a member of EPCglobal.

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Handheld RFID Reader are ideal for close-range, manual checking of RFID information.