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Epson TM-L90 Liner-Free Series Adhesive Media Printer

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Epson TM-L90 Liner-Free Series Adhesive Media Printer
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Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops can improve efficiency, order accuracy and customer satisfaction with the Epson TM-L90 Liner-free. A thermal receipt printer from Europe's number one POS printer manufacturer*, the TM-L90 Liner-free is compatible with liner-free adhesive media. It enables businesses to print adhesive-backed receipts, providing a reliable method for labelling customers' food and drink orders to ensure they are correct.

Uses standard and adhesive-backed paper
As the TM-L90 Liner-free works with both standard thermal receipt paper and NCR liner-free label paper, users only need one printer model for receipts and order labels. Using one model reduces servicing and support costs, and removes the need to keep back-up stock of multiple models.

Easy media switching
The TM-L90 Liner-free is compatible with 40 and 80mm paper widths. Users can quickly and easily switch the media without changing the application, as the printer automatically detects paper width.

Saves paper
The printer's sensor for media with black marks enables it to cut the receipt between areas of adhesive. However, the TM-L90 Liner-free can also be set up to cut through adhesive areas, which saves paper. To further reduce paper consumption, the automatic top margin reduction function prints the top of the next receipt before cutting the current one when printing continues after auto cutting.

Reduces bills and environmental impact
The power-efficient TM-L90 Liner-free is qualified by ENERGY STAR when used with Epson's PS180 power supply.

Flexible installation
Users can position the printer in the most convenient spot, thanks to a choice of vertical, horizontal or wall-mounted (using optional bracket) installation.


  • Reliable labelling: Improves order accuracy
  • Media flexibility: Uses standard and adhesive paper
  • Saves paper: Auto top margin reduction
  • Reduces bills: Power-efficient
  • Easy installation: Three mounting positions

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Epson TM-L90 ECW Ser Built-in Usb W/Psu
1 - 2 Days 395.26
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Epson TM-L90 EDG Se Built-in Usb W/Psu
1 - 2 Days 361.91
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
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