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Honeywell / Hand Held Products 6300 Series DPM Readers Honeywell

Honeywell 6300 Direct Part Mark DPM barcodes readers

For customers who demand best-in-class performance from their DPM solutions, the Hand Held Products 6300 DPM- Direct Part Mark Reader (now Honeywell 6300 DPM Reader) combines outstanding ergonomics, durability and reading performance to make these readers one of the best choices available.

Honeywell 6300 Direct Part Mark DPM Highlights


·         Powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0, the leading brand for image-based bar code reading

·         Custom DPM-Direct Part Mark illumination system creates readable images from all marks

·         Custom DPM-Direct Part Mark decoding engine assures the highest reading yield on DPM-Direct Part Mark codes

·         Durable and ergonomic design ensures comfortable and durable use

·         Available in corded (HHP 6300) and cordless (HHP 6320) models


Recommended Use for 6300 Series DPM Readers:

Retail, Warehousing 

DPM identification for part traceability demands rugged, self-contained readers that perform consistently on all types of codes and parts. The Hand Held Products 6300 Direct Part Mark (DPM) Readers from Hand Held Products are the only solutions in the industry that read everything from the most challenging DPM codes to the easiest printed bar codes.

Honeywell- Hand Held Products 6300
Direct Part Mark readers includes the Hand Held Products 6300 corded and Hand Held Products 6320 cordless models – both powered by Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 5.0 – the world’s leading technology brand for image-based bar code reading. The Adaptus™ Imaging 5.0 platform allows the Hand Held Products 6300 DPM readers to optimally illuminate marks of any type, on any surface.

Outstanding ergonomics, durability and reading performance combine to make these readers the clear choice for customers who demand best-in-class performance from their DPM-
Direct Part Mark solutions.

Optional Multi-Bay Battery Charger
Honeywell’s Multi-Bay Battery Charger can fully charge up to four lithium-ion batteries, 4.5 hours typical, maximizing uptime in any application. Its compact design is well-suited for environments with space-constrained areas.

The Multi-Bay Battery Charger features integrated keyholes that enable secure desktop or wall mounting. This easy-to-use device also features bright LEDs that display the status of each individual battery, visually letting users know when each battery is fully charged.

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About Honeywell logo
Honeywell (formerly Hand Held Products and recently acquired Metrologic, LXE) provides portable power solutions for hand held data collection devices and printers, two-way radios, wireless telephones, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, with quality that is regarded as the best in the world. Honeywell is a leader in mobile power management and technology.

About Imager Barcode Scanners
An imager is a Barcode Scanner that really functions more like a digital camera than a laser scanner, and is capable of reading two-dimensional symbologies. Rather than bouncing one or several beams of intense light off of a barcode, the imager bounces a burst of light off of the barcode and back into a camera-like eye, essentially taking a picture. Unlike a laser scanner the imager does not need the barcode to be oriented in anyway (other than within the scan area) in order to be legible.

About DPM Barcode Scanners
Direct Part Marking Solutions - DPMTracking individual components can be a costly proposition when standard product labelling techniques fail to measure up over time. Direct Part Marking - DPM provides a permanent marking solution that ensures readability throughout the life of your products, even when subjected to harsh environments during the manufacturing process.Meet traceability requirements imposed by regulatory and government entities, such as the U.S. Department of Defence, with high-performance DPM readers from Motorola's cost-effective alternative to standard vision systems.