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Motorola / Symbol MK500 Micro Kiosk

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Motorola / Symbol MK500 Micro Kiosk
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Motorola / Symbol

Improve customer service and the customer experience with the latest innovation in self-service technology, Motorola's MK500 Micro Kiosk. This compact, easy-to-install and affordable device allows retailers to put the power of self-service in every aisle or department. So, no matter where in the store your customers might be, help is never more than a few steps away.

Customers can check price and inventory, check the balance on a gift card, look up a loyalty point balance, determine the location of a product and call for assistance - all with the scan of a bar code or press of a button or touchpad. In addition, the MK500 easily connects to third-party small mobile printers.

Choice of laser scanning or imaging technology - Support for all the bar codes you need to capture today - and tomorrow

  • Motorola signature laser scanning technology
    Delivers aggressive performance and accurate capture of all 1D bar codes - even damaged and poor quality; patented Liquid Polymer scan element is frictionless for superior durability and reliability

  • Motorola advanced imaging technology
    Laser style performance on 1D, 2D and PDF bar codes: patented illumination system enables omnidirectional scanning, increasing productivity by eliminating the need to align bar code and scanner
Comprehensive networking options: IEEE 802.11a/b/g and Power-over-Ethernet support - Provides the flexibility to easily connect to your wireless or wired LAN

Compact 5.6 in. x 5.1 in. form factor with a slim 1.7 in./4.2cm profile -
Easy to deploy virtually anywhere in the store - from aisle end-caps to shelves, poles and walls

Compliant with VESA standard mounting - Support for standard VESA brackets enables easy mounting of the MK500 on shelves, walls and other store locations

Marketing and signage flexibility  - Easy to attach and change signage; allows retailers to draw attention to and better ‘advertise' the benefits of the MK500 as well as provide other customer-facing information

3.5 in./8.9cm color QVGA touch screen plus three programmable buttons - Enables deployment of easy-to-use and very intuitive interactive applications

Microsoft® Windows® CE.NET 5.0 - Standard operating system reduces application development time

XScaleTM 520 MHhz processor; 64MB Flash/64MB RAM; Micro SD slot - High performance architecture provides upport for the most demanding applications

Integrated support for: Internet Explorer 6.0; Symbol Pocket Browser; Visual Studio .Net 2005; SMDK for C, .NET and Java - Enables rapid and cost-effective development of sophisticated applications

Ease of use - Intuitive aiming pattern enables easy scanning of bar codes

Compatible with Motorola's Mobility Software Platform (MSP) - Ability to remotely stage, provision, monitor and troubleshoot devices dramatically simplifies and reduces the costs associated with deployment as well as day-to-day management

Mini USB - Expandable - can easily build on this solution by adding third-party USB peripherals, including printers, magnetic stripe readers, keyboards and more

Multimedia support with stereo speakers - Enables high quality audio and video for highly visual advanced applications
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Motorola / Symbol MK500 Wired Ethernet, Imager, w/Touch
1 - 2 Days £412.33
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Motorola / Symbol MK500 Wired Ethernet, Laser, w/Touch
1 - 2 Days £379.63
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Motorola / Symbol MK590 802.11a/b/g, Imager, w/Touch
1 - 2 Days £447.66
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Motorola / Symbol MK590 802.11a/b/g, Laser, w/Touch
1 - 2 Days £415.23
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
MK500: Wall Mount Kit
1 - 2 Days £34.35
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
MK500 Host Cable (mini USB to Female USB)
1 - 2 Days £8.80
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Cable - MK4000 and MK500 Mini USB to Serial Cable
1 - 2 Weeks £17.18
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Cable Assembly (Developer Debug), USB To Serial DB9 Female, For The MK500/MK3000/MK4000
1 - 2 Weeks £22.89
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Cable - Assembly, Flash Download
1 - 2 Weeks £34.92
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
USB Client Communication Cable for Cradle to the host system.
1 - 2 Days £9.88
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Power Supply for MK500 (Need 15-A132-03)
1 - 2 Weeks £22.89
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
About Motorola / Symbol logo
Motorola Inc. Motorola is renowned as a world leader in development and production of solutions for mobile communication and automatic collection of data, speech and other digital contents. Hardware production is part of Motorola’s involvement as well as the development and provision of infrastructure like network components and modules. BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD, Auto-ID in barcode & RFID ADC specialist and official Motorola re-seller partner, offers you all available Motorola Symbol products that are used for automatic data collection with barcode and RFID technologies. If you are looking for a reliable and future-proof partner that provides highly professional hardware then market leader Motorola is the right one. Approximately 37 billion USD (2007) sales bring Motorola into the leading ranks of the Fortune 100 and show how important the company has become on the global IT and mobility market. Branch offices worldwide ensure that the customer gain access to support and services, regardless of size and scope of the project. Motorola/Symbol barcode scanners from Motorola are known to be technologically advanced. As a result, they are used in almost every large company worldwide. Symbol is usually the first choice wherever reliability and durability is critical. This can be in retail, banks or manufacturing industry. However, all other applications benefit from the sophisticated design, easy installation, high durability, a large product range and extensive customer services as well. With regard to investment safety and the total cost of ownership for bar code technology and related products, Motorola/Symbol is always a safe choice for you and your customers. Major brands like Motorola offer an enormous amount of reliability that ensures installed systems function as expected. This guarantees professional solutions, satisfied customers and eventually subsequent orders. BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD has all Symbol handheld and fixed-mount scanners for retail Epos and industry in stock. As official Motorola/Symbol re-seller partner, we also offer all related services. We are also a RFID certified Re-seller Partner. Symbol Technologies is a world leader in mobile data management systems and services. The company approaches the market with: Innovative, high-performance products, principally laser bar code scanners, hand-held computers and wireless communications networks for voice and data; the company adds deep value with complementary capabilities in ergonomics, ruggedization miniaturization and power management. Industry systems expertise, and business partnerships delivering value-added capabilities in retailing, transportation/logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government/military, hospitality and finance. Superior professional services, customer support, and education and training worldwide.

About EPOS Barcode Scanners
An EPOS Barcode Scanner (also known as a Projection Barcode Scanner / Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner ) works just like a Laser Barcode Scanner with the addition of several mirrors and other reflective devices to transform one laser line into many, all at different angles. This allows fast reading of barcodes at any angle, making an Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner perfect for point of sale installations, such as at a grocery store.