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Motorola / Symbol MP6000 Scanner/Scale

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Motorola / Symbol MP6000 Scanner/Scale
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Motorola / Symbol
This multi-plane bioptic imager can capture virtually any printed or mobile 1D or 2D bar code in practically any condition, with blazing speed. The modular design allows you to add a customer-side scanner for bar codes displayed on mobile phones, traditional loyalty cards or even impulse buys, as well as a handheld scanner and EAS, while providing expandability for future requirements – such as an RFID reader. The result? Higher throughput. Fewer abandoned sales. And a great lasting impression that will foster increased loyalty and return visits.


Unsurpassed scanning performance
Scans bar codes at a higher rate than any laser bioptic scanner available today with Motorola’s industry leading, proven imaging technology

Capture any bar code
Auto-discriminate reading of 1D and 2D bar codes: on paper labels - even if they are damaged, on plastic loyalty or gift cards or on the screen of a mobile phone

Exceptional reliability, cost savings and total cost of ownership (TCO)
Minimize breakdown and maintenance costs - there are no moving parts in the scan engine, reducing power consumption by at least 30 percent; its capacitive buttons won’t wear out

Customizable to meet the needs of your store and your customers
With six ports, you can easily add new capabilities, such as a scale or a customer-side scanner to allow customers to scan bar codes on their mobile phones and their loyalty cards, handheld scanners and EAS devices, plus expandability for future requirements such as RFID

Unprecedented management capability
Complimentary management software enables remote management of the entire scanner solution - scanner, scale and all attached peripherals

Sapphire glass
The horizontal scan window’s best-in-class glass is virtually impervious to scratches and wear and tear

Integrated EAS support
Supports the Checkpoint or Sensormatic system you have in place today - no need to spend time and money to upgrade

Whisper quiet
Unlike laser scanners, there is no motor noise, so the MP6000 is practically silent, improving the POS environment

Easy to use
Omni-directional scanning plus a 6-sided 720° coverage zone - just swipe and go

Optional customer side scanner
Allow customers to simultaneously scan their own loyalty cards, coupons, impulse buy items and bar codes displayed on their mobile phones - can be added at any time

Easy deployment
Fits into existing checkstands

Three programmable buttons
Brings pushbutton simplicity to a wide variety of POS processes to further improve throughput

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Motorola / Symbol MP6000 Multi-Plane Scanner, No Scale, No Css, No Hh, Long, No Radio, No Dlp, No Eas, Us
1 - 2 Weeks £614.55
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Motorola / Symbol MP6000 Multi-Plane Scanner, No Scale, No Css, No Hh, Medium, No Radio, No Dlp, No Eas, Us
1 - 2 Weeks £614.55
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Motorola / Symbol MP6000 Multi-Plane Scanner, No Scale, No Css, No Hh, Short, No Radio, No Dlp, No Eas, Us
1 - 2 Days £615.16
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Motorola / Symbol MP6000 Multi-Plane Scanner, No Scale, With Css, No Hh, Medium, No Radio, No Dlp, No Eas, Us
1 - 2 Weeks £717.26
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Motorola / Symbol MP6000 Multi-Plane Scanner, No Scale, With Css, No Hh, Short, No Radio, No Dlp, No Eas, Us
1 - 2 Weeks £744.26
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Us Ac Line Cord, Grounded, Three Wire For Power Supplies Pwrs-14000-148R, Pwrs-14000-241R, Pwrs-0102246H51R, And Pwrs-14000-148C. 7.5 Feet Long. Associated Countries: United States Works With: Mc1000, Mc17, Mc55, Mc65, Mc70, Mc75, Mc75A, Mc9000, Mc9100
1 - 2 Days £5.60
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Mp6000 Serial Db9-M 5M Cable
1 - 2 Days £23.69
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Mp6000 Usb 5M Cable Type A Connector
1 - 2 Days £26.64
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Mp6000 Usb Powerplus 5M Cable
1 - 2 Weeks £36.96
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Mp6000 Customer Side Scanner. Allows Customers To Simultaneously Scan Their Own Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Impulse Buy Items And Bar Codes Displayed On Their Mobile Phones ? Can Be Added At Any Time
1 - 2 Weeks £149.06
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Mp6Xxx Scale Display Add Head Mp6000 Scale Display Additional Head: Additional Display Head To Create A Dual-Head, Easy To Adjust Weight Display For Scale Models. Fully Independent Swivel For Superb Cashier And Customer Readability.
1 - 2 Weeks £97.20
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Leveling Screw Pack Of 4 Mp6000 Leveling Screws: Allows Fine Adjustment Of Short And Medium Models So They Are Perfectly Flush In The Checkstand
1 - 2 Weeks £13.65
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Power Supply:100-240 Vac,12Vdc,4.16A. Order Country Specific Three Wire Grounded Ac Line Cord Separately. For Use With Select Dsxx, Lixx Single Slot Cradles And Mcxx Single Slot, 5 Slot, And 10 Slot Cradles.
1 - 2 Weeks £33.56
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
About Motorola / Symbol logo
Motorola Inc. Motorola is renowned as a world leader in development and production of solutions for mobile communication and automatic collection of data, speech and other digital contents. Hardware production is part of Motorola’s involvement as well as the development and provision of infrastructure like network components and modules. BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD, Auto-ID in barcode & RFID ADC specialist and official Motorola re-seller partner, offers you all available Motorola Symbol products that are used for automatic data collection with barcode and RFID technologies. If you are looking for a reliable and future-proof partner that provides highly professional hardware then market leader Motorola is the right one. Approximately 37 billion USD (2007) sales bring Motorola into the leading ranks of the Fortune 100 and show how important the company has become on the global IT and mobility market. Branch offices worldwide ensure that the customer gain access to support and services, regardless of size and scope of the project. Motorola/Symbol barcode scanners from Motorola are known to be technologically advanced. As a result, they are used in almost every large company worldwide. Symbol is usually the first choice wherever reliability and durability is critical. This can be in retail, banks or manufacturing industry. However, all other applications benefit from the sophisticated design, easy installation, high durability, a large product range and extensive customer services as well. With regard to investment safety and the total cost of ownership for bar code technology and related products, Motorola/Symbol is always a safe choice for you and your customers. Major brands like Motorola offer an enormous amount of reliability that ensures installed systems function as expected. This guarantees professional solutions, satisfied customers and eventually subsequent orders. BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD has all Symbol handheld and fixed-mount scanners for retail Epos and industry in stock. As official Motorola/Symbol re-seller partner, we also offer all related services. We are also a RFID certified Re-seller Partner. Symbol Technologies is a world leader in mobile data management systems and services. The company approaches the market with: Innovative, high-performance products, principally laser bar code scanners, hand-held computers and wireless communications networks for voice and data; the company adds deep value with complementary capabilities in ergonomics, ruggedization miniaturization and power management. Industry systems expertise, and business partnerships delivering value-added capabilities in retailing, transportation/logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government/military, hospitality and finance. Superior professional services, customer support, and education and training worldwide.

About EPOS Barcode Scanners
An EPOS Barcode Scanner (also known as a Projection Barcode Scanner / Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner ) works just like a Laser Barcode Scanner with the addition of several mirrors and other reflective devices to transform one laser line into many, all at different angles. This allows fast reading of barcodes at any angle, making an Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner perfect for point of sale installations, such as at a grocery store.