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Motorola / Symbol WT4090 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal

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Motorola / Symbol WT4090 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal
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Motorola / Symbol
The Motorola rugged WT4090 VOW is a simple, rugged tool for voice-directed task workers, enabling high-performance hands-free applications to improve productivity and reduce errors in the warehouse. The wireless 802.11a/b/g device offers the same high-power processing and superior voice functionality as the fully featured Motorola WT4090, including support for voice recognition and text-to-speech engines. At home in extreme temperatures, the WT4090 VOW is ideal in coolers and freezers. A full range of accessories future-proofs and protects this investment, allowing you to easily expand the functionality of this hip- or wrist-mounted device.


Rugged voice-dedicated task-specific tool
Easy-to-use rugged tool for voice-directed applications

Hands-free design
Enables workers to easily handle objects while interacting with the mobile computer

High-performance platform
Provides the same high-power processing as WT4090 full-capability mobile computer

802.11a/b/g WLAN
Ability to connect to virtually any wireless LAN for easy and rapid integration into the existing networking architecture

Wide temperature range: 122°F to -4°F/50°C to -20°C (-22°F/-30°C with an optional freezer pouch)
Dependable operation in extreme heat and cold-ideal for coolers and freezers

Superior WLAN performance
Support for advanced roaming, quality of service and many other Motorola WLAN features delivers a dependable data connection as well as superior voice quality

IP54 sealing; 4 ft/1.2 m drop specification across entire operating temperature range
Rugged design ensures dependable operation in the most challenging conditions; reduces device replacement costs; maximizes uptime

Support for voice-recognition, text-to-speech engines and Voice-over-WLAN (VoWLAN)
Easy to develop and deploy voice-directed applications

Compatibility with Motorola's Wearable Scanners
Easily expand functionality with robust bar code scanning for superior future proofing and investment protection

Compatible with Motorola's RCH50 lightweight, rugged headset
Provides an end-to-end cost-effective and complete voice-directed platform
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Belt For Holster For MC30XX, MC31XX, MC90XX And WT40XX.
1 - 2 Days £18.32
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Assembly, Plate, Wall Mount, Cradle And Charger
1 - 2 Weeks £97.39
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Battery, 18650, 3.6V, 2330 mAh, NGW
1 - 2 Days £50.80
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Battery (Lithium-Ion, 4600MAH, 3.7V PAN HC) For The 4090
1 - 2 Days £67.72
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Cradle, Single-slot, USB, WRBL Terminal
1 - 2 Days £120.91
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
CRD4000 Single-Slot Cradle Kit
1 - 2 Weeks £143.55
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Universal Charger Cradle - Cradle (4-Slot, Ethernet) For The WT4090
1 - 2 Days £325.31
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Kit (Kit of 3 TP Overlays + App and Instruction)
1 - 2 Days £8.75
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Adapter: USB Mini A to USB A For WT4090 Assec.
1 - 2 Weeks £2.91
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Battery Charger (4-Slot, WRBL Terminal)
1 - 2 Days £165.98
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Charger Kit (4-Slot, Battery Charger, ES)
1 - 2 Days £207.26
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Charger Kit (4-Slot, Battery Charger, ES, Intl)
1 - 2 Days £202.58
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Hip Mount For The WT4000 Series
1 - 2 Days £17.24
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
WT4090 Wrist Mount Frzr Opt Reg Straps
1 - 2 Days £31.49
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
WT4090 Wrist Mount Frzr Opt Long Straps
1 - 2 Days £31.49
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Protective Skin For The WT40XX Terminal
1 - 2 Weeks £3.48
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Freezer Pouch For WT4000
1 - 2 Days £37.47
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Freezer Pouch (2x Battery) For The WT4090
1 - 2 Days £37.43
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
Arm Sleeve (5-Pack) For The WT40XX
1 - 2 Days £20.04
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
WT4090 - Replacement Pad
1 - 2 Days £7.61
(Ex VAT)

(Inc VAT)
About Motorola / Symbol logo
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