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PanMobil EMMware License Based Middleware

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PanMobil EMMware License Based Middleware
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EMMware is a worldwide unique, license based middleware installed on PANMOBIL devices
Using EMMware, data from the device can be send to the host from any location in the world without any installation effort and without any user intervention.

EMMware Advantages:

  • Is ready to use immediately,without the installation of additional software and drivers.
  • EMMware connects each target system via all wireless or cable interfaces.
  • Minimal effort for proof of concept
  • Minimal effort for adaption
  • No installation effort
  • Minimal effort for user training
  • No maintenance effort
  • Minimal support effort
  • Fast return of investment
  • High user acceptance
  • High flexibility for future adaption

With EMMware data from the device can be sent in various ways to the host system:
MS Excel File or Text File
Data stored on the device will be downloaded to the local PC as Text or MS Excel file. The MS Excel converter is already included in the EMMware.

Data stored on the device is packed in a HTTP request which is send to the server. This way the captured data will be sent to any web application like web shops

FTP Upload
Data stored on the device will be sent to a FTP server from where it can be downloaded from the ERP system

Database synchronization
For applications where a local database on the device is required, the synchronization function of the EMMware can be used to automatically synchronize the database on the device with the Server.

Device Software Update Function
With EMMware, the device software can be updated automatically, without collecting the devices from the field. Software update is done while the device is connected to transfer collected data. Even the software update procedure does not require any user intervention. Once the EMMware detects a new update, it will automatically download the update and install it on the device.

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