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PanMobil powerlineECCO - The base model

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PanMobil powerlineECCO - The base model
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The base model

Ergonomic and flexible Barcode reader
PanMobil powerlineECCO is a mobile barcode reader which can be used in data storage mode (batch) or real time data transmission mode. In batch mode the captured data is stored in the internal memory and send to a host when the device is connected via USB interface. In online mode, the scanned barcode data is send via wire-less Bluetooth connection in real time to a host like smartphone, tablet PC, PDA, laptop or Bluetooth enabled PC.

Ergonomic, small and light weight
Thanks to the ergonomic design, the low weight and the easy handling, the powerlineECCO guarantees a very high user acceptance. As a handy device it is easy to be carried in the pocket, on a neck lanyard or in a belt pouch.

Simple two button operation plus two configurable action keys
With powerlineECCO capturing data is getting very easy. When scanning barcodes in batch-mode, the data is automatically stored in the internal memory. If however a wrong barcode was scanned, it can easily be deleted from the memory by rereading the wrong barcode using the delete button. In online-mode the scanned data will be sent directly to the connected host. If no Bluetooth connection exists, the data is stored in the memory and resend after the device is reconnected. For all applications where additional data or functions are required, the two action-keys can be configured with static data which are added to the data record and stored or send according to the configured operation mode. Thanks to the simple operation no user training is required!

Two programmable action-keys for clear decisions:

  • Start / End.Yes / No.
  • Clean / Dirty.
  • Start / Stop.
  • Interruption / Next.
  • OK / Not OK.
  • Male / Female.

The change artist
A unique feature is its changeable top cover. Self-explaining button caption as well as individual color and logos are making the powerlineECCO easily adaptable to any corporate identity policy.

Ruggedized for use in harsh environments
With a double wall ABS plastic housing encased in a protective rubber the powerlineECCO withstands multiple drops from 1.6 meters to concrete. The IP 64 rating allows the use in very dusty and humid environments. The powerlineECCO withstands even the brief dip into water.

Long battery runtime
Thanks to the integrated high capacity Li-Ion battery, the powerlineECCO can be used for more than 24 hours in batch mode and more than 16 hours in Bluetooth online mode. In both modes the operation time is well over a single working shift.

Easy adaptable to existing applications
The powerlineECCO can be used in existing applications without any programming effort. Based on the established communication protocol, the powerlineECCO can be used in applications made for OPN2001 and CS1504.

  • Without the installation of additional software and drivers.
  • The device is ready to use immediately.
  • Same interface (standard) as used with OPTICON OPN 2001 and MOTOROLA CS 1504.

High Quality "Made in Germany"
Convinced of the quality of the powerlineECCO Panmobil grants a guaranty period of 24 month including a 24 hours exchange service for defects occurring during this guaranty period.

Additional features:

  • Speaker.
  • Vibration.
  • 4 MB Memory.

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