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Promag GP-/LBR-series Contactless RFID data collection

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Promag GP-/LBR-series Contactless RFID data collection
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The GP and LBR series readers offer RFID applications at the highest standard. The compact RFID reader modules are the perfect solution for installation in machines, industry equipment and in-wall mounting. They read EM compatible tags at 125 kHz LF and Mifare tags at 13.56MHz HF within an operating range of 30 cm. The individual ID and data is transferred then to the host over the serial interface.

The modules can even be used for upgrading existing systems (e.g. bonus and billing systems, vending machines and similar) which previously used bar code or magnetic card technology. Simply install the module directly at or in the respective machine.
The data output format is selectable which makes integration into existing systems much easier and allow a flexible use of the modules. You can choose from RS232, ASCII, Wiegand and Magstripe. An optionally connected external aerial enhances the reader's operating range further. Circuit diagrams and a detailed installation manual are included with every device. Its generous input voltage range of 5 to 12.5 V makes extra adaptors obsolete. Simply connect the module to the power supply of the host system.

The readers' exterior design is different for various applications. The following overview gives a list of used standards and operating ranges:

  • GP-8, EM4102, up to 8cm reading range
  • GP-20, EM4102, up to 20cm reading range
  • GP-25, EM4102, up to 25cm reading range
  • GP-25a, EM4102, up to 25cm reading range
  • GP-30, EM4102, up to 30cm reading range
  • LBR-100, EM4102, up to 20cm reading range
  • LBR-200, Mifare, up to 5cm reading range

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Promag is the leading Taiwanese manufacturer of RFID technology and auto-ID hardware. Promag can offer an incredibly wide range of devices ready for various applications and areas at outstanding hardware quality.

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Handheld RFID Reader are ideal for close-range, manual checking of RFID information.