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RFID for Jewellery Tracking in Real Time Cloud based Solution

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RFID for Jewellery Tracking in Real Time Cloud based Solution
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RFID for Jewellery Tracking solution is powerful suite of RFID enabled software solutions designed to empower the jewellers with a set of integrated management tools that manages every aspect of a jewellry retail & wholesale business.

Jewellery, diamonds and other precious stones or any high value item require a constant monitoring of their whereabouts. RFID Technologies is able to identify and monitor large quantities of small items in real time, in display trays and cases or diamonds in small envelopes tightly stacked in boxes.

RFID Technologies have developed dedicated software and RFID products for jewelry and diamonds which can be easily used for Jewellery Tracking solution.

Track your Jewellery in Real Time "cloud" based Solution

Jewellery Tracking Software uses RFID to track and trace thousands of your jewellery pieces real-time as they move from the storage room to consignments, to retail display shelves and cabinets to eventual final sales of each piece of jewellery. Accurate traceability of each and every individual jewellery piece is now possible with our Jewellery Tracking Software. This enables you to make quick and accurate inventory decisions that results in an optimal supply chain inventory levels. Report by item, by location, by store, by transaction or movement, associate with who was involved at what time.

Enhanced Security in your stores

By tagging each jewellery with RFID, displaced or missing items can be found quickly. RFID also implements early loss/theft detection by issuing an alert when a jewellery piece is removed without proper checkout by the authorised personnel. During a trade exhibition, it is not uncommon to lose jewellery pieces due to theft or non-return. Security in an exhibition area is never as good as your own store with controlled access to expensive items. With Jewellery Tracking Software, our team can provide specifically designed handheld (PDA) RFID and fixed reader such as cabinet or RTLS (real time location system) solutions that provides monitoring and business accounting tools for you to perform at the same level of efficiency as if you are in your own store.

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About RFID Solutions
RFID has captured the attention of many leading companies today who are making significant investments of money and time to make this technology feasible in their operations. The goal, however, is to leverage internal RFID structures to capture and share real-time business information across entire enterprises and with trading partners. In other words, RFID deployments based on open, standardized EPC interfaces that enable interoperability and multi-vendor implementations may achieve the ultimate in global data sharing: total asset visibility.