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RFID HF Thermo Patching Tags from Texas Instruments

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RFID HF Thermo Patching Tags from Texas Instruments
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RFID HF Thermo Patching Tags from Texas Instruments - RFID Tag for the textile and laundry logistics market Industrial laundries, hotels, medical facilities, textile and costume suppliers have to accomplish a huge task with the handling and cleaning of garments and linen goods. The daily cycle of cleaning and control of the output places a huge strain on the laundry on a daily basis, all items have to be controlled, organized and supervised perfectly. In this process linen goods and garments could be damaged or lost, resulting in delays and claims by the customer. Using RFID Technologies will help reduce such mistakes to a minimum. Today RFID transponders, which will reveal the saved data if required, are patched or sewn into garments and linen goods in order to simplify the logistical operation, save money time and avoid mistakes.

Small, flat, intelligent and hard-wearing RFID Tags, extremely flat construction of only 0.75 millimeter care of garments and linen goods during the laundry processes of ironing and pressing, furthermore,

it does not disturb the wearing - or user comfort and - is almost invisible to the eye. Because of its flexibility and durability is nearly indestructible in harsh conditions. ISO Standard 15797, a remarkable achievement of almost 100 per cent reading was attained. This is a unique result for this kind of thin construction.

  • Texas Instruments
  • Tag-it HF-I Plus
  • Frequency: 13.56 Mhz
  • Operating Temp -25C to +70C
  • Available in either rectangular or circular
  • Thickness : 0.75 mm
  • Thermal Patching : +180C to +220C
  • Mangle Process : 10 / 15 sec
  • Finisher: +175C
  • Minimum order quantity 1000 Tags

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