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RFID Tunnel and high speed belt conveyors RFID Reader MSTRP-5050 from Magellan

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RFID Tunnel and high speed belt conveyors RFID Reader MSTRP-5050 from Magellan
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Magellan Technology

RFID Tunnel and high speed belt conveyors RFID Reader MSTRP-5050 from Magellan - The Magellan PJM StackTag® Tunnel RFID Reader (MSTRP-5050) is designed primarily to work in tunnel and high speed belt conveyors and in situations where a large quantity of RFID tagged items in all orientations need to be identified quickly and reliably.

The MSTRP-5050 PJM StackTag® Tunnel RFID Reader has an aperture of 500x500 mm and is a multi axis tunnel reader which switches the magnetic field rapidly between the three axes of X, Y and Z. The MSTRP-5050 will read and write to all PJM ItemTag® and StackTag® labels within the internal working volume of the tunnel despite the orientation of the tags. The RFID tags need to be of a size appropriate and matched to the tunnel RFID reader.

The MSTRP-5050 features:

  • Very high speed identification, reading, writing and verification of multiple tags using 8 reply channels
  • Capable of writing reliably a unique 96-bit number such as an Electronic Product Code (EPC) at a rate of 3,000 tags per minute
  • Ability to identify and read 96-bits at a rate of 15,000 tags per minute
  • Reliable identification of tightly stacked, overlapping or touching tags
  • Operates PJM StackTag® and PJM ItemTag® simultaneously
  • A powerful processing platform allowing for stand-alone reader operation
  • Orientation insensitive reading and writing
  • Full ferrite shielding and field cancellation protection
  • No interference between tunnels placed closely together
  • A very robust heavy duty industrial design
  • Very good network connectivity offering both Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Complies with ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 2

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Magellan PJM StackTagŪ Tunnel Reader 50cm X 50cm, HF 13.56 Mhz
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Magellan Technology is a technology developer, manufacturer and licensor of advanced read and write 13.56MHz RFID systems.

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