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IBM / Toshiba SurePOS 300 Series POS System

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IBM / Toshiba SurePOS 300 Series POS System
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IBM meets the challenge

Based on recent developments in the market, retailers know they can’t stand still. They must respond to the challenges of a diverse, fragmented and ever tightening market where shoppers are being more discerning in their purchasing and buying anywhere it’s convenient-online, television, direct mail catalogs, mega stores and boutiques. Retailers are seeking an optimum balance between managing costs and delivering high levels of service, all the while pursuing the benefits of “green” operations.

IBM answers these challenges with the IBM SurePOS 300 Series, the innovative, compact, high-performing POS at a remarkably affordable low price, to transform your store operations, drive down costs and dispatch fast ROI.


  • Our innovative POS offered at a new low price-lower cost to own than a PC cash drawer1
  • Highly efficient performance and retail systems management help deliver quick ROI
  • Our smallest point-of-sale solution offers space-saving placement and remarkable versatility
  • Earth-friendly technology saves power, lowers heat and reduces noise while increasing reliability

Compact footprint and distributed design

  • 37% smaller footprint helps save space and improves flexibility for environmental design in the store

Intel Celeron M 373 processor

  • Improves energy efficiency without sacrificing performance with ultra low voltage mobile processor

Dual video display capability

  • Dual video support improves system flexibility and helps deliver a superior customer experience

Deep sleep automation and built-in power management

  • Let your POS sleep when not in use to help minimize power consumption, support global environmental initiatives, and save on utilities each month

Remote management

  • Enables predictive maintenance and rapid diagnosis from the store to the enterprise to help lower total cost of ownership and ensure system availability

Tool-free access to key components

  • Easy, fast access to hard drive and power supply helps reduce service time and cost

Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts

  • Use existing devices and add new devices to meet changing business needs

Retail-hardened design

  • Extends equipment life and provides strong investment protection

Engineered for retailers with components designed to work together seamlessly

  • Significantly higher reliability than PC cash drawer solutions that assemble components from multiple vendors in untested configurations

Open platform and broad operating system support

  • Increases software and peripheral choices

Service and parts available up to seven years after withdrawal

  • Lowers total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance, replacement, and labor costs as well as associated downtime

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