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Track and Trace Barcode Solution for Hospital Surgical Instruments

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Track and Trace Barcode Solution for Hospital Surgical Instruments
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Why use track and trace solution for surgical instruments ?

The proper management of resources is essential to increase accountability and minimize the costs associated with unaccounted for items such as surgical instruments and equipment, however the process is often time consuming and inefficient.

Check In / Check Out software solution paperwork is eliminated. You always know who has what. You know where items are and when they are due, who had them last and when they are overdue.

Check In / Check Out software delivers accountability to ensure that the surgical instruments and equipment and any other items you assign come back when they should, keeping you from having to waste valuable time and resources trying to locate them.

Check In / Check Out uses 1D & 2D barcodes or RFID tags based solution will enable you to track and trace all the hospital's reusable surgical equipment and trays of instruments, maintaining a clear record of disinfection and sterilisation to and from the various hospital departments.

Check-In / Check-Out solution is simple *BARCODE *SCAN * TRACK and TRACE*

A powerful reporting functionality built into the SQL software solution provides dozens of useful reports, including instruments by category and department, instruments past due, audit history. As a result, hospitals reduce expenses through loss prevention and improved equipment visibility. They reduce new and unnecessary equipment purchases, and help in running busy theatres smoothly.


Our standard solution starts at £325.00.


The RedBeam Check In/Check Out solution is for Hospital surgical instruments is designed to:

  • Speeds Up Checking Out and Checking In Process
  • Tracks surgical instruments by Staff /Department / theatre/ Contractors
  • Locates  surgical instruments Easily (uses SQL database )
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Improves instrument inventory management
  • Increases Accountability
  • Notifies Users of instruments/Items missing 
  • Minimizes Paper Work
  • Creates One Central surgical instruments Item Database
  • Tracks surgical instruments item Usage
Watch an on-line video to see how the product works or Call us on 01442 872232 or e-mail us on and we can assist you in your requirements. 
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