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Unitech MS839 BasiQ Laser Scanner

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Unitech MS839 BasiQ Laser Scanner
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BasiQ is a range of commodity products, added to Unitech Europe solution portfolio. BasiQ is offering 'all you need and nothing you don't'.
Basiq is an answer to end users focusing on implementing AIDC (Auto-ID and Data Capture) solutions that only deliver the functionality they need now. They are no longer interested in paying a premium for additional features that they may, or may not, use in the future.

BasiQ will enable Unitech Channel partners to take advantage of the demand for commodity AIDC products delivering everything their customers need and nothing they don't !!

The Unitech MS839 is part of BasiQ

The MS839 delivers affordable class-leading performance and reliability in new ergonomic design that provides comfort and reduces operator fatigue. It Improved the efficiency in wide barcode reading, also features high resolution but comparably priced to CCD-based bar code scanners.
- Ergonomically designed handle device balance to easy operating.

- Manual-trigger operation to increase your convenience while working

- Multiple working range up to 18cm wide barcode. Optimizes decoding higher resolution codes on small labels and tags

With powerful decoder, MS839 allows data to be formatted and edited before it is sent to the host, making software changes unnecessary. From the point of sale, document tracking, and office automation to warehouse, the MS839 Series helps you make the most of your application-specific solutions a variety of ways.

BasiQ certainly is not basic from it's features set. More importantly, it is not stinging your budget as the MS839 is budget conscious!!
- 1.5M Drop resistance- durable Construction to save your cost from service

- User friendly setting via quick setup manual

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Unitech MS839 USB Cable MOQ.12
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Unitech Hands Free Stand
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About Laser Barcode Scanners
Laser Barcode Scanner are the most common type of Barcode Scanner. A laser Barcode Scanner need not be in contact with a barcode to read it. A standard range laser Barcode Scanner can read a barcode from about 6 to 24 inches away, and a long range Barcode Scanner can read one from perhaps 2 to 8 feet away. Certain extra long-range laser Barcode Scanner are capable of reading a barcode from up to 30 feet away. Laser Barcode Scanner are often in handheld or "gun" form factors, but are also regularly built for counter-top or fixed-mount applications.