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Unitech MS910 Linear Imager CDD Scanner

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Unitech MS910 Linear Imager CDD Scanner
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The Unitech MS910 is one of the great Unitech scan solutions to offer you the best matching device for your scanning needs. This pocket size CCD scanner easily reads 5000 barcodes without the need to recharge. More than enough to last a complete workday. Think of all the applications this MS910 can be used for.

Light weight and very small
The MS910 is one of the smallest and lightest pocket scanners in its class. With dimensions of only 65mm length, 24mm width and 18 mm thickness, this pocket scanner can be stored in almost every small corner, pocket or empty storage place. By weighing less than 25 grams, you don't even notice it sitting in your shirt pocket. Easy to carriage, easy to store, easy to take with you!

Increase productivity
Use the MS910 to increase the productivity of your (mobile) employees. This scanner is quick, easy to work with and reads a wide range of 1D barcodes. It's a great solution to increase the productivity, limit the administration time and narrow down the numbers of human mistakes within healthcare, field service and sales automation applications.

Connect with mobile computers
The MS910 supports Bluetooth Class 2, which offers you the possibility to connect the pocket scanner to any laptop, tablet or computer. In a range of 10m (line of sight) you can use the MS910 as flexible, easy to transport scanning tool which can be used for intensive scanning applications. For instance, expand the Unitech TB100 tablet with this pocket scanner and both devices are the ideal match for any mobile worker.

Main Features
  • High scanning speed: 240 scans/sec
  • Very small scanner: dimensions 65 x 24 x 18mm
  • Light weight pocket size scanner: 24,6g
  • High quality battery: 5000 reads/charge
  • Bluetooth Class 2 for wireless connectivity
  • Selectable support for HID or SSP over Bluetooth
  • Two modes: operation mode & standby mode
  • Matching colors with TB100

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Cordless Barcode Scanners provide portable solutions for rugged environments where users can benefit from the enhanced flexibility, mobility and safety associated with eliminating the data cable. Cordless Barcode Scanners are ideally suited for applications in tough industrial environments, such as loading docks where shipping and receiving of materials requires significant freedom of movement, as well as manufacturing applications where eliminating the cable minimizes the potential for accidents.