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Unitech PA600 Phone Edition Industrial PDA

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Unitech PA600 Phone Edition Industrial PDA
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The Unitech PA600 Phone Edition's innovative and ergonomically designed form factors make for a lightweight compact rugged mobile phone computer with a powerful seamlessly integrated wireless connectivity. To increase the level of functions that Mobile Computers offer, the Unitech PA600 Phone Edition features Mobile Phone capability and makes it an advanced ADC tool as well as a communication media in one single device. The PA600 Phone Edition stands alone in its class for its effective functionality, innovative industrial design features, and advanced applications.

The ergonomically designed mobile phone keypad provides for improved touch and tactile feedback for faster data input and efficiency.The Unitech PA600 Phone Edition multi functional application platform illustrates state of the art technology in its key upgraded features including increased speed of entry, as well as the safety and management of data, making it ideal for the field service and sales automation industries.

Unitech's PA600 Phone Edition is not only designed for versatility but also for durability with an IP64 rating and drop tested on concrete at 1.2 meters. Having a strong water and dirt resistant design allows for the most rugged of environments and conditions minimizing down time and or repair costs. To work in a harsh mobile environment, such as Transportation and Field Service, the Unitech PA600 Phone Edition is able to protect against unpredictable weather conditions with its solid industrial design. Product functionality and reliability are vital performance enhanced features of the PA600 Phone Edition. A user-friendly functionality makes the PA600 Phone Edition the product of choice for the reduction of operational costs, timely delivery and accuracy of data readings.

In today's ever-expanding market place where time, efficiency and accuracy are of utmost importance. It benefits any mobility enterprise greatly to utilize state of the art global communications technology. The Unitech PA600 Phone Edition is designed for meeting various demands of applications and steps sooner than customers' actual needs. To maximize worker productivity and safeguard your assets, the Unitech PA600 Phone Edition is the win-win solution within a minimized budget.

Main features
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
  • 128MHz SDRAM; PXA270 Processor 
  • Built-in Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM, WLAN and eGPRS
  • 20-key keypad
  • SDIO 1.2a supports HCSD up to 4G
  • -10℃ ~ 50℃ temperature resistant
  • IP64 environmental sealing
  • 1.2 meter Threshold

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