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Check In / Check Out Software Solution from RedBeam RedBeam

Redbeam Check Out / Check In Complete Solution

Redbeam Check Out/Check In Complete Solution is a fast and effective way to track your circulating inventory !

Track hire & rental items, equipment or products using this comprehensive PC application and an easy-to-use barcode scanner.

Getting Started with Barcodes

Getting set up is easy with Redbeam Check Out/Check In System. Begin by barcoding each of the items to be tracked. You can print barcode labels with a barcode label printer designed to work with the software.

Using the Barcode Scanners

To check out an item, scan or enter the employee or customer number of the person checking it out. Then scan the barcode ID on the item. When the item is returned, use the scanner to check it back in.

Tracking circulating items has never been easier!

Using the PC Software Load the Redbeam Check Out/Check Software on your PC. The installation wizard goes through several simple setup instructions.

The PC software uses a robust imbedded SQL database (license included). Single and multi-user network versions of the software are available.

In the PC application, begin by entering organizational data including building and room numbers, employees and departments.

Then enter item information including:

  • Barcode ID Number
  • Location Information
  • Detail Fields
  • Purchasing Information
  • Check Out Periods and Fees


Item and transaction information is either entered or scanned into the PC database where a flexible reporting tool creates dozens of useful reports.

Reports include the following report types:

  • Checked Out Items
  • Overdue Items
  • Item Usage
  • Item Rental Value
  • Item Overdue Fee Value
  • Transaction History
  • All reports can be exported to Microsoft® Excel.

Common Installations

  • Legal Offices for File Folder Tracking
  • Medical Offices for File Folder Tracking
  • Health Departments for File Folder Tracking
  • Hospitals for Lab Sample Tracking
  • Construction Sites for Tool Tracking
  • Schools for Audio Visual Equipment Tracking
  • Day Care Centers for Child Tracking
  • Police Departments for Equipment Tracking
  • Fire Departments for Equipment Tracking
  • Businesses for Demo and Sample Tracking
  • Video Stores for Rental Tracking
  • Fitness Centers for Equipment Tracking
  • Libraries for Book Tracking
  • Event Planners for Rental Tracking


  • Easy-to-Use PC Interface
  • Configurable Rental and Overdue Settings by Item
  • Item Barcode Label Printing
  • Flexible User Defined Fields
  • Robust Reporting with Scope and Sort Capabilities
  • Transaction History
  • Import and Export with Microsoft® Excel
  • Robust SQL Database
  • Single or Multi-User Network Version


  • Speed Up Check Out and Check In Process
  • Track by Employee, Customer or Department
  • Locate Items Easily
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Increase Accountability
  • Calculate Rental and Overdue Fees
  • Notify Users of Items Overdue
  • Minimize Paper Work
  • Create One Central Item Database
  • Track Item Usage
  • Print Barcode ID Labels
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RedBeam Inventory Software: RedBeam, Inc. offers a variety of barcode-based software solutions including Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking & Check In/Check Out. RedBeam, Inc. aims to make your business more productive by providing high-quality, intuitive and affordable barcode software solutions.

About Check In / Check Out
With RedBeam Check In/Check Out, track file folders and documents, tools, videos or other rental items, equipment or product sample.