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GeneriTrack Web-Based Asset Tracking Software

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GeneriTrack Web-Based Asset Tracking Software
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Once an asset has been created, it's movements and attributes are logged across multiple sites until it is retired, providing a full asset lifecycle audit trail.

Each action carried out against an asset is recorded against the logged in person, providing a chain of responsibility.

Relationships can be formed between assets to create groups of assets that are moved, issued and received together.

Generitrack Asset tracker allows the user to define people and companies to and from which assets can be received and issued. It is possible to set due back dates from which reports can be run to provide information on overdue assets. Generitrack can be configured to send emails to users with overdue assets.

Generitrack asset tracker can be used to record stock levels. These stock levels are automatically decremented when assets are created from a particular area.

Generitrack asset tracker allows areas to be inventoried, informing the user if an asset is not in its expected location, and automatically moving it if required.

Pictures can be uploaded against stock and asset items, providing a record of asset status.

Generitrack asset tracker produces PDF reports and CSV query results to allow the user to extract full details of all the data stored in the Generitrack system.

Generitrack Asset Tracking Software Features

» Web based software.
» Portable application. Data available and updateable remotely.
» Real-time data updates via GPRS and the internet.
» Record employee and contractor information.
» Record Item information.
» Record Stock information.
» Record Asset information.
» Store Asset Pictures.
» Record Asset values & costs.
» Record full audit history.
» Issue and Receive Assets.
» Move Assets.
» Retire Assets.
» Full ad-hoc querying and reporting functionality.
» Download data as CSV files or PDFs.
» Build relationships between assets
» Build asset kits
» Inventory Function
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