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GeneriTrack Web-Based Internal Mail Room Post & Parcel Barcode Tracking Software Barcode Technologies

Does your company have a secure and effective tracking/proof of internal post-room mail, documents or parcels?

Mail-room managers face a real challenge of manually receiving, recording, sorting and distributing mail post, parcels and package items to meet the expectations of both the recipients and the senders. Using GeneriTrack Post-Room Parcel & Package barcode Tracking Management Software Solution you can track all incoming mail, packages and other valuable items, ensuring smooth delivery to the recipient once it has reached your enterprise at the reception and at Goods Inwards.GeneriTrack Solution automates your internal Post-Room deliveries, tracking all  post-room parcels and packages items at every stage in real-time

GeneriTrack is a browser web-based, Internal Post-Room Parcel, Package, Item Tracking software application for tracking the receipt and delivery of packages within you organization.
GeneriTrack Internal Post-Room Parcel, Package, Item Tracking management software solution automates the receipt and delivery of packages, post items, even boxes and pallets within your company.


    •    Increases productivity
    •    Saves time and money
    •    Improves internal processes
    •    Protects/secures your assets
    •    Minimizes inaccuracies and mistakes
    •    Improves customer service
    •    Provides complete record history
    •    Provides instant access to data

When Parcels/Packages are delivered to the post-rooms by carriers, postal services and couriers, they are recorded into GeneriTrack Tracking Software by the post-room team.

Recipients can be automatically notified by email that a Parcel/Package/Item has arrived. They then have the option to log in and request that it is delivered, or notify the post room that it will be collected.
The real benefit of GeneriTrack Package Track is accessibility. GeneriTrack
Mail Room Post and Package Tracking and management software solution runs in a web browser, making it easy to deploy without the need to spec PCs or consider the implications of installing another application on each user PC.
Mail Room Post and Package Tracking and management software solution presents the enterprise with the benefits of a readily distributable tracking system that can evolve to suit their needs across one or many sites, with multiple post rooms and large volumes of recipients.

Mail Room Post and Package Tracking and management software solution is fully configured to run on a mobile data collector with a barcode or RFID reader built in. Use of a mobile computer data collector is seamless. Data transfer is handled using a local Ethernet dock, Wi-Fi wireless network connection or an e-GPRS connection to a web server. Generitrack mobile data collectors can be fitted with both Wi-Fi and GPRS cards allowing real time data upload (note the GPRS card excludes the supply of a SIM card and data service).

Receiving packages

Upon receiving a mail parcels and package, the mail room postal staff or at the receiption can enter information about the item such as: Package ID (Use your own unique ID by applying a pre-printed company barcode label, or let GeneriTrack software generate a number for you)

  • Tracking Number
  • Tracking URL
  • Intended Recipient
  • Intended Delivery Location
  • The current location of the package
  • Package type – letter, box, jiffy bag
  • Received by – post room person
  • Package Weight
  • Package Size

Delivering packages
The barcode PDA portable device can be used to provide information such as package destination and recipient, or be used to look up information such as all packages intended for a given recipient or location.

Delivery confirmation
Scanning the package on delivery records a date and time of delivery and capturing a signature confirms hand over of the package.

Having delivered the package, Generitrack
Mail Room Post and Package Tracking and management software solutioncan be configured to generate an email containing the relevant delivery information.

Reports and Queries

Generitrack Mail Room Post and Package Tracking and management software solution allows the generation of a number of pre-defined PDF reports, as well as an ad-hoc query screen allowing users to extract exactly the data that they require.GeneriTrack Post Room Parcel, Package, Item Tracking Solution

GeneriTrack Post Room Parcel, Package, Item Tracking Solution is a complete solution that creates full accountability, reduces time tracking missing items and keeps recipients informed allowing them to concentrate on their tasks.
Mail Room Post and Package Tracking and management software solution is ideal for both Facilities Management companies that manage post-room mail for other companies as well as those that handle their own internal mail and goods inwards.

If you would like to view a demo or learn more about how GeneriTrack Tracking Solutions can help grow your business, call us today tel: 01442 872232 or e-mail us at





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