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Intermec Scanplus 1800 CCD Scanner Intermec


  • Choice of scanning technologies: CCD or Laser
  • Ergonomic, easy to pick up and use
  • Fast reading and decoding of all bar codes; even damaged or poorly printed codes
  • Single, universal interface. Cable provides for simple connectivity to PCs and hundreds of terminals
  • Fastest ever setup using EasySetTM System software for Windows®. Print and scan a bar code menu or download a configuration to flash memory
  • Highly cost-efficient and flexible solution for retail, office, healthcare and light industrial applications

Product Overview

The Intermec 1800 Series is a cost effective, yet full-featured supply chain solution for retail, office, healthcare and light industrial applications. Offering the flexibility of CCD or laser versions, the 1800 Series is a fast and accurate answer for your contact and non-contact scanning needs. For a wireless solution, see the Intermec 1800 Vista.

A Flexible Solution

Compatible for contact and non-contact applications, the Intermec 1800 Series provides the flexibility your operation needs by providing a choice of different scan engines. A universal host interface system allows the 1800 Series to be connected to many hundreds of PC's, cash registers, or other terminals simply by changing the cable and software set-up. Firmware upgrades or special applications are easily implemented using flash memory easily extending your solutions potential.

Performance You Can Depend On

The 1800 Series incorporates no moving parts and as a result, it has a longer life than any laser scanner. The 1800 Series is also durable withstanding multiple drops to concrete from 1m (3.2ft) and wide temperature range operation.

Increased Productivity

The 1800 Series succeeds in reading barcodes at 50cm (20in) distance with a scan rate of up to 400 scans per second. The 1800's brightly illuminated scan line is sharp and bright for accurate positioning of the scanner. This results in quick response and easy aiming, making your workers more productive.

Optional Equipment

Increase the functionality of the 1800 Series with your choice of scan engines. Also, an optional raised stand is available for easy, hands-free operation.



Desk/vertical holder (standard)
Raised hands-free stand (option)


Operating temperature: 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F).
Storage temperature: -25° to 60°C (-13° to 140°F).
Relative humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing.
Shock: withstands multiple drops of 1m (3.2 ft) to commercial flooring

Physical Characteristics

Length: 180 mm (7")
Length Standard cable: 1.8 m (70")
Width at handle: 33 mm (1.3")
Width at head: 64 mm (2.5")
Weight without cable: 1800 SR/PDF:145g (5.1 oz)
Weight without cable: 1800 ST: 165g (5.8 oz)
Case: high-impact ABS self-extinguishing plastic. Rubber end cap and boot.

Scanning Performance

Performance: 1800 ST
Scan Rate: 36 s/sec
Minimum X dimension: 0.125 (5 mil)
Depth of field: up to 50cm (20")
depending on code:

  • 0.125 mm (5 mil): 2.5-8 cm (1-3")
  • 0.254 mm (10 mil): 0-20 cm (0-7.9")
  • 100% EAN /UPC: 0-25 cm (0-10")
  • 0.38 mm (15mil): 0-30 cm (0-12")
  • 0.5 mm (20 mil): 0-50 cm (0-20")
PCR: 25% minimum
Skew: +- 55°
Pitch: +- 65°

Performance: 1800 SR and PDF
Scan Rate: 400 scans per sec. max (SR)
600 scans per sec. max (PDF)
Minimum X dim: 0.1 mm (4 mil)
Depth of field: 0 to 10 cm (4")
depending on code:

  • 0 .1 mm (4 mil): 0-2 cm (0-0.8")
  • 0.254 mm (10 mil): 0-4 cm (0-1.6")
  • 100% EAN /UPC: 0-5.5 cm (0-2.1")
  • 0.38 mm (15 mil): 0-6 cm (0-2.4")
  • 0.5mm (20 mil): 0-7 cm (0-2.7")
  • 0.7 mm (27 mil): 0-10 cm (0-4")
PCR: 25% minimum
Code Width: 12 cm (4 in.) max
(X above .254 /10 mil)
Skew: +- 65°
Pitch: +- 70°


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About CCD Barcode Scanners
CCD (Charge Coupled Device) Barcode Scanner use an imaging CCD (similar to the ones found in digital cameras) to take a picture of barcodes, that are then decoded into a sequence of characters. CCD Barcode Scanner have a very fast scan speed, but a low scan range (often less than 3 inches from the barcode). A CCD Barcode Scanner can be very durable because they do not contain any moving parts, but are limited because they cannot read any barcodes wider than the imaging element. Their low cost and speed make CCD Barcode Scanner well suited for point of sale applications, but their short read range makes them a poor choice for warehouse or industrial applications.