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Marson MT712LR-III CCD Extra-Long Range Scan Engine

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Marson MT712LR-III CCD Extra-Long Range Scan Engine
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The MT712LR series, which provides a cost-effective solution for AUTO-ID application. The Scan Engine is specially designed for reliable and stable operation in variety of business environments, such as retailing, lottery & kiosk applications, and factory automation. The MT712LR is ideal for OEM applications where space is limited for scanner integration in both portable and fixed devices, including hand held data terminals, PDAs, barcode scanner, POS peripherals, lottery & kiosk machines, price check machine, time and attendance terminals and many applications.

Equipped with the new generation decoding processor and optical design, the MT712LR series give sharply visible high intensity aiming line and delivering unparalleled flexibility and performance. The engine has a high scan rate and a large depth of field enabling it to read bar code even from 12" away.
Its superior readability gives great productivity to all data collection application.

The MT712LR series provide easy electrical connection to your OEM hardware without having to add extra components to your main board. It uses an industry standard interface and connector. Everything has been done to simplify the mechanical and electrical integration of the MT712LR scan engine into your OEM design. With more than 200 sophisticate programmable parameters, all jobs of configuration setup, parameter download and upload, program upgrade, and on-line diagnosis could be done with ease through serial TTL communication

  • Customize decoder service
  • CCD engine is available for quick integration
  • Customize interface & protocol service
  • BT Wireless solution
Applications: POS, KIOSK, PDA, Fixed Mount Scanner, Protable data terminal, Scanner and Lottery machine

* Requires Interface Cable


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Marson MT712LR-III Long range CCD barcode engine with flat cable, 8-bit, UART, MTO-e-1.10 (with decoder) (MOQ 100 PCS, Price per 100 units)
3 - 4 Weeks 3,219.00
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Marson design and manufactures a wide range of bar code devices, from high performance hand-held to fixed-mount long reading-depth CCD scanners, to versatile barcode decoders and low power consumption Wand (light pens) and OEM CCD scan engines / Laser scan engines

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