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Motorola / Symbol LS7808 EPOS Barcode Scanner Motorola / Symbol

Exceptional scanning performance keeps customer lines moving

The advanced Symbol LS7808 horizontal slot scanner from Motorola delivers exceptionally high first-pass read rates for faster checkout times - and better customer service. The Symbol LS7808 represents the latest development in our three-decade leadership in designing bar code scanners and our pioneering work in horizontal slot scanner technologies. The omni-directional scan pattern reads the bar code regardless of orientation, eliminating the need to precisely align products to the scanner. Advanced software algorithms reconstruct poorly printed and damaged codes, further increasing performance and speeding customers through the point of sale. Since the Symbol LS7808 easily fits into preexisting counter cut-outs for the Symbol LS5800, upgrading is easy and cost-effective. And the hands-free design and large scan window enable your cashiers to stay focused on your customers, instead of the products they are scanning - enabling high levels of personalized service.

Maximize cashier productivity

Optimized for demanding, high-turnover retail environments, the Symbol LS7808 is easy to install and easy to use. Even inexperienced cashiers can begin scanning quickly due to the flush mounted, in-counter design and large omni-directional scanning window. Intuitive scanning requires little training; just move the products past the window and go. Large, bulky items in the cart can be scanned quickly and safely using an optional secondary handheld scanner, minimizing the need for customers or cashiers to lift heavy items onto the counter. And integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) functionality further increases cashier productivity, enabling cashiers to scan once to simultaneously capture the bar code and deactivate the EAS tag.

Built-in investment protection

We've laid the groundwork for the future with broad support for 1D bar code symbologies and host systems, providing the investment protection you need to ensure that the Symbol LS7808 can be used in your environment today - as well as tomorrow. Onboard support for multiple interfaces, a standard feature, allows you to use your scanner with many different types of POS hosts for seamless integration now, as well as painless migration to new systems in the future. Comprehensive support for 1D bar codes - including Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), ideal for perishable items such as produce and meat as well as store coupons - ensures the ability to scan virtually any product now, and in the future. We back up our leading scanner design with a full 3-year warranty. And to help protect your investment, Motorola Global Services offers Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage for the Symbol LS7808. This unique service goes far beyond normal wear and tear to include accidental damage to exit windows, scan elements and more at no additional charge - virtually eliminating unforeseen repair expenses. On-site options are also available, providing maximum response and minimum service interruption.

For more information on how the Symbol LS7808 can enhance customer satisfaction by increasing cashier productivity and speeding service at the point of sale, contact us at +1.800.722.6234 or +1.631.738.2400.

Features Benefits
Improved software algorithms Reconstructs poorly printed or damaged bar codes for superior first-pass read rates
Omni-directional scan pattern Enables cashiers to quickly scan bar codes regardless of orientation to the scanner
Large 5 in./12.7 cm by 5 in./12.7 cm removable scanning window Easy to scan products; easy to remove for cleaning or replacement
Secondary scanner port for handheld scanner Eliminates the need for the customer or cashier to lift heavy items onto the counter; helps reduce workplace injuries
Standard Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) deactivation Bundles checkout and EAS functions so the cashier can scan once to capture bar codes and deactivate EAS tags simultaneously
Designed as a replacement for LS5800 Easy to install into standard counter cut-outs; mounts flush with countertop to free up space at the point of sale; leverages lessons learned from the LS5800's decade of deployment to provide the highest levels of durability and reliability
On-board support for multiple POS interfaces including Keyboard Wedge, RS232, USB, IBM and Motorola's Synapse Eliminates need to replace scanner if host system is upgraded
Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) support Support for this newer standard enhances future proofing
3-year warranty Provides the highest level of warranty support in the slot scanner class

Symbol LS7808 Specifications

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 6 in. W x 6 in. L x 3.1 in. H
152 mm W x 152 mm L x 79 mm H
Weight: 1.9 lbs/0.85 kg
Voltage and Current:
5.0 Volts ± 5% @ 450mA
Light Source: 670 nm visible laser diode
Performance Characteristics
Scan Pattern: 18 interlocking scan lines
Scan Rate: 1,800 scan lines per second
Motor Speed: 5,500 RPM
Depth of Field: 0 to 6 in./0 to 15cm, UPC/EAN 100%
Minimum Resolution: 5 mil
Typical Working Range: 5 mil: (38%) 0 - 0.5 in. / 1.27 cm
7.8 mil: (60%) 0 - 4 in. / 10.16 cm
10.4 mil: (80%) 0 - 5 in. / 12.7 cm
13 mil: (100%) 0 - 7 in. / 17.78 cm
Decode Capability: UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-E1, EAN 8/13, JAN 8/13, UPC/EAN with Supplementals, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Code 128, UCC/ EAN 128, ISBT 128, Codabar/NW7, Code 93, Code 11, RSS Variants
Interfaces Supported: Each Symbol LS7808 features on-board Supported: multiple interface supporting:
RS-232C (Standard, Nixdorf, ICL, & Fujitsu); IBM 468X/469X; Keyboard Wedge; USB (Standard, IBM SurePOS, Macintosh); Synapse (allows for connectivity to all of the above plus many non-standard interfaces)
Roll: 360°
Pitch: -30° to 60°
Yaw: ± 45°
Minimum Bar Code Width: 0.127 mm (5mil)
User Environment
Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F/0° to 40° C
Storage Temperature: -40° to 140° F/-40° to 60° C
Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Ambient Light Immunity: Up to 450 ft. candles/4,844 lux
EAS Support: All units provide connectivity to Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Electrical Safety: UL 60950-1, CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, EN 60950-1, IEC 60950-1
Laser Safety: 21CFR1040.10 Class IIa, EN 60825-1, IEC60825-1 Class1
EMI/RFI: FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B, EN 55022 Class B, EN 55024
Environmental: RoHS compliant, 2005 Sunrise compliant, WEEE compliant
Mounting (Accessories): Stainless steel in-counter mounting bracket
Other: Replacement glass and bezel (standard glass only)
Subject to the terms of Motorola's hardware warranty statement, the Symbol LS7808 is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of shipment.

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About Motorola / Symbol logo
Motorola Inc. Motorola is renowned as a world leader in development and production of solutions for mobile communication and automatic collection of data, speech and other digital contents. Hardware production is part of Motorola’s involvement as well as the development and provision of infrastructure like network components and modules. BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD, Auto-ID in barcode & RFID ADC specialist and official Motorola re-seller partner, offers you all available Motorola Symbol products that are used for automatic data collection with barcode and RFID technologies. If you are looking for a reliable and future-proof partner that provides highly professional hardware then market leader Motorola is the right one. Approximately 37 billion USD (2007) sales bring Motorola into the leading ranks of the Fortune 100 and show how important the company has become on the global IT and mobility market. Branch offices worldwide ensure that the customer gain access to support and services, regardless of size and scope of the project. Motorola/Symbol barcode scanners from Motorola are known to be technologically advanced. As a result, they are used in almost every large company worldwide. Symbol is usually the first choice wherever reliability and durability is critical. This can be in retail, banks or manufacturing industry. However, all other applications benefit from the sophisticated design, easy installation, high durability, a large product range and extensive customer services as well. With regard to investment safety and the total cost of ownership for bar code technology and related products, Motorola/Symbol is always a safe choice for you and your customers. Major brands like Motorola offer an enormous amount of reliability that ensures installed systems function as expected. This guarantees professional solutions, satisfied customers and eventually subsequent orders. BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD has all Symbol handheld and fixed-mount scanners for retail Epos and industry in stock. As official Motorola/Symbol re-seller partner, we also offer all related services. We are also a RFID certified Re-seller Partner. Symbol Technologies is a world leader in mobile data management systems and services. The company approaches the market with: Innovative, high-performance products, principally laser bar code scanners, hand-held computers and wireless communications networks for voice and data; the company adds deep value with complementary capabilities in ergonomics, ruggedization miniaturization and power management. Industry systems expertise, and business partnerships delivering value-added capabilities in retailing, transportation/logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government/military, hospitality and finance. Superior professional services, customer support, and education and training worldwide.

About EPOS Barcode Scanners
An EPOS Barcode Scanner (also known as a Projection Barcode Scanner / Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner ) works just like a Laser Barcode Scanner with the addition of several mirrors and other reflective devices to transform one laser line into many, all at different angles. This allows fast reading of barcodes at any angle, making an Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner perfect for point of sale installations, such as at a grocery store.