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Motorola / Symbol MC50 Wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant Motorola / Symbol

Motorola Symbol MC5040 Enterprise PDA

Delivering real-time enterprise information to on-the-go professionals

Your managers, executives, doctors and salespeople can’t be tied to a desk. To be effective, they have to be on the shop floor, with an important customer, at a patient’s bedside or in the retail aisle. With the MC50 enterprise digital assistant, they have immediate access to the most current enterprise information, using both voice and data communications on a single device. Your employees gain the freedom of movement to serve customers and engage in data entry according to the immediate needs of your enterprise, increasing your response to changing conditions and helping all employees be more successful in their jobs.

Redefine mobility for enterprise-class applications

The MC50 from Motorola is first in a class of mobile computers that combines an enhanced PDA-style form factor with optimal performance to operate enterpriselevel applications. This small, lightweight mobile computer features advanced data capture options, flexible voice and data communication and easy wireless local area network (WLAN) synchronization.

Increase productivity and gain access to real-time information

With data capture, voice telephony, smart battery, device level management, wireless and security options, on-the-go professionals are empowered to make rapid, informed decisions. This convenient mobile computer delivers enterprise-class functionality, including support for e-mail, phone, scheduling/ calendar, signature capture, CRM, sales force automation and other enterprise applications. With the MC50 in hand, retail store managers, merchandisers and salespeople have the necessary tool to create and maintain a competitive advantage.

Deploy and manage mobility systems more effectively

The MC50 enables superior manageability and rapid integration into new or existing IT infrastructures. Its Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ software platform offers compatibility with Microsoft, Oracle®, Siebel®, SAP® and IBM® customer relationship management (CRM) software for easy, fast rollouts into any environment. Adding mobility management software allows you to quickly deploy and manage thousands of MC50 devices with instant visibility and control over all the mobile computers, wireless networks and applications from an intuitive, Web-based interface.

Enhanced durability for frequent, extended use

The MC50 is designed to be more durable than a consumer-grade PDA. Extra reliability is built into every aspect of the MC50 — from battery contacts to keypads to acoustics — to ensure it exceeds the performance demands of daily, high-volume usage. Managers, supervisors and sales professionals can feel more confident using the MC50 from anywhere at anytime, whether it is on the road, on the sales floor or at a customer site.

Business challenge Solution
To make the right decisions about customer interactions, inventories and workflows, your managers must be able to send and receive timely information at the point of activity. Your managers gain uninterrupted access to enterprise applications with the wireless networking capabilities of the MC50, making them more productive and supporting fast and accurate decisions.
Your managers occasionally need to assume a task-worker role to eliminate bottlenecks in your operations. Using the built-in scanning and imaging features of the MC50­, your managers are equipped to serve customers, check on inventories, perform line-busting activities and other process-oriented tasks without switching devices.
An enterprise digital assistant has to stand up to the same tough environments as industrial devices. Unlike consumer-grade devices, the MC50 has a durable design to increase device uptime, as well as business-focused input options in support of efficient, accurate data entry.
Your managers need to be accessible by phone, wherever they are working. Integrated voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities allow your managers to use the MC50 as a total communications platform, increasing individual productivity and eliminating the costs of buying, deploying and maintaining mobile phones.
IT departments are already stretched thin; mobile devices add another level of maintenance and management for them to support. With the Symbol Mobility Services Platform built into the MC50, the management of mobile devices and applications is automated, reducing support costs and allowing IT departments to focus on core tasks.


Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise Mobility Services ensure that your mobility solution works seamlessly and at maximum efficiency — from defining your business requirements through ongoing service and support.

For more information, contact us at 0845 0045 465

Features Benefits
Enterprise-level foundation Combines mobile computing, data capture and wireless networking for a totally integrated solution
Durable design Enhances product lifecycle with less downtime than consumer-grade devices
Deployment-ready systems Designed to run - out of box - fast and easy
High-speed CPU performance Operates enterprise-level applications
Diverse data capture options Captures information accurately and quickly every time
Wireless networking based on the standard IEEE 802.11b (WLAN) Enables real-time communications and decision-making with secure mobile transactions
Ready voice over IP (VoIP) Designed to perform seamless voice communications via push-to-talk, peer-to-peer, PBX connectivity, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many
Mobility Services Platform (MSP) Reduces TCO with accelerated rollout and ongoing visibility into mobile devices, networks and applications
Smart battery Ensures maximum uptime
User-accessible SDIO slot with cover Provides technology flexibility while improving acoustics
User-friendly keypad options Offers flexible functionality and keypad design for efficient, productive data entry

MC50 Specifications

Physical Characteristics
NAV 1D: 4.77 in. H x 2.95 in. W x .94 in. L
(12.1 cm H x 7.5 cm W x 2.4 cm L)
2D Imager: 4.77 in. H x 2.95 in. W x 1.13 in. L
(12.1 cm H x 7.5 cm W x 2.9 cm L)
CCD Camera: 4.77 in. H x 2.95 in. W x 1.11 in. L
(12.1 cm H x 7.5 cm W x 2.8 cm L)
Qwerty: 1D: 5.35 in. H x 2.95 in. W x .94 in. L
(13.6 cm H x 7.5 cm W x 2.4 cm L)
2D Imager: 5.35 in. H x 2.95 in. W x 1.13 in. L
(13.6 cm H x 7.5 cm W x 2.9 cm L)
CCD Camera: 5.35 in. H x 2.95 in. W x 1.11 in. L
(13.6 cm H x 7.5 cm W x 2.8 cm L)
Weight (including standard battery) NAV 1D: 6.42 oz/ 182 g
QWERTY 1D: 6.77 oz/ 192 g
Display: Transflective color TFT-LCD, 65K colors, 240 (W) x 320 (L) (QVGA size)
Touch Panel: Glass analog resistive touch
Backlight: LED backlight
Main Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion 3.7V, 1560 mAh
Extended Capacity Battery: Optional 3.7V, 3600 mAh
Backup Battery: Ni-MH battery (rechargeable) 15mAh 1.2V, 1 cell
Expansion slot: User accessible SDIO slot (with secure cover)
Notification: Vibrator and LED
Keypad Options: NAV: 4 application keys and 5-way navigation key
QWERTY: 37-key
Audio: Speaker, receiver, microphone, headset jack
Software support for full duplex record and playback (stereo)
Performance Characteristics
CPU: Intel® XScale™ 520 Mhz processor
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 2003 Second Edition
Memory: 64MB RAM/ 64MB ROM
Interface/ Communications: RS-232, USB 1.1
User Environment
Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 155° F) operating temperature
Storage Temperature: -25° to 60° C (-13° to 140° F) storage temperature
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Drop Specification: 3' drop to tile over concrete, 1 drop per side at 21° C ( 70° F)
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): +/-8kV air discharge, +/-8kV direct discharge
Wireless Data and Voice Communications
Wireless Local Area (WLAN): IEEE® 802.11b
Data Rate: 1/2/5.5/11 Mbps
Frequency Range: Country dependent; typically 2.4 to 2.5 GHz
Output Power: 14.5dBm (typical)
Security: WEP, TKIP, LEAP, PEAP, EAP-TLS, WPA (pre-shared key)
Spreading Technique: Direct sequence
Antenna: Internal
Voice Communication: Integrated Voice-over-IP ready (P2P, PBX, PTT)
Wi-Fi™-certified, IEEE 802.11b direct sequence wireless LAN
Data Capture Specifications
Options: 2D imager, linear CMOS imager or CCD camera
2D Imager Engine (SE 4400) Specifications:
Field of View: Horizontal: 32.2°, Vertical: 24.5°
Optical Resolution (gray scale): 640 (H) x 480 (V) pixels
Roll: 360°
Pitch Angle: +/- 60° from normal
Skew Tolerance: +/- 50° from normal
Focal Distance from Front of Engine: Near: 5 inches, Far: 9 inches
Aiming Element (VLD): 650 nm +/- 5 nm
Illumination Element (LED): 635 nm +/- 20 nm
Minimum Print Contrast: Minimum 25% absolute dark/light reflectance measured at 650 nm
Symbologies: 1D Symbology: UPC/EAN, Code 128, UCC.EAN128, RSS, Code 39, Code 93, I 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI
2D Symbology: MaxiCode, PDF417, DataMatrix, QRCode
Postal Codes: U.S. Postnet, U.S Planet, UK Postal, Australian Postal, Japan Postal
Image File Formats: BMP, TIFF, JPEG
Linear CMOS Imager (CSE600):
View Angle: 40°+/- 2°
Pitch Angle: +/- 50° from normal
Roll: +/- 20° from vertical
Skew Tolerance: +/- 30° from normal
Minimum Print Contrast: 35% MRD measured at 675 nm
Supported Symbologies: UPC /EAN, Code 39, I 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Code 128, UCC.EAN128, Code 93, Codabar
CCD Camera:
Image Sensor: 1/4 in. type 1.1 mega-pixel CCD
Maximum Frame Rate: 7.5 fps
Minimum Subject Illumination: 2 lux (at 5 fps)
Number of Output Pixels: 1144 (H) x 880 (V)
Image Output Interface: UYVY 8-bit
Lens F-Number: f2.8
Scan Triggers: Left and right trigger buttons
Peripherals and Accessories:
Cradles: Single-slot USB with spare battery (1X and 2X) charging, four-slot Ethernet or USB
Communication and Charging Cables: USB v1.1, vehicle charging cable, power/charging cable
Battery Chargers: 4-slot battery charger (1X and 2X), universal battery charger (requires adapters for 1X and 2X capacity batteries)
Vertical-specific attachments: Snap-on magnetic stripe reader, universal cable cup adapter attachable cables
Electrical Safety: UL60950 (UL marking), CSA C22.2 No. 60950 (c-UL marking ), EN60950/IEC 950
EMI/RFI: EU/International
EN 301 489-1, -17
EN61000-4-2: 1995, ESD ±8kV air/ ±4kV contact
EN61000-4-3: 1997, Radiated Immunity 3V/m
EN61000-4-4: 1995, EFT ± 0.5kV
EN61000-4-5: 1995, Surge ± 0.5kV
EN61000-4-6: 1
Laser Safety: IEC Class2/FDA Class II in accordance with IEC60825-1/EN60825-1
The MC50 is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from date of shipment, provided that the product remains unmodified and is operated under normal and proper conditions.




Mobile Sales Force Automation

Today, an assortment of technology is used by the typical drug salesperson, ranging from laptop computers to consumer-grade personal digital assistants (PDAs) to beepers and cell phones. Even with all these tools, critical applications like signature capture for compliance are often still handled manually, which defeats the true benefits of sales force automation.

In addition, most drug companies leverage customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA) applications or an internal, proprietary program. However, many are unable to realize the full return on these software investments. This is because sales force adoption and usage remains low.

Investing in technology without getting the full return is a key barrier to overcome for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Outside sales teams are mobile, revenue-generating professionals who require tools that bring all the functionality of a desktop into on-the-road conditions. In the past, this level of integration was unavailable. Today, a new enterprise mobility system exists that meets the diverse needs of mobile sales forces at drug companies.

Introducing the MC50 for Mobile SFA Applications

What's Your Advantage?

The MC50 rugged mobile computer gives the following high-level benefits.

  • Increase sales team productivity
  • Generate incremental revenue opportunities
  • Improve compliance tracking and reporting to reduce costs
  • Enhance insight into customer needs
  • Reduce costs for ongoing device management

The MC50 is a new mobile computer from Symbol Technologies. Designed for outside sales teams, it delivers enterprise-level application performance in the sleek styling of a consumer-grade PDA device. It offers powerful performance that takes many SFA and CRM applications to a new level of usage. The MC50 empowers on-the-go pharmaceutical sales representatives with a tool that puts the capabilities of a desktop, cell phone and beeper right into their hands.

The small, lightweight MC50 is packed with capabilities such as wireless, smart battery, management, security, data capture and voice over IP (VoIP). Distinctive elements of its design make the MC50 easy to integrate into new or existing enterprise IT infrastructures. More durable than a consumer PDA, the MC50 is built with extra reliability in every feature - from battery contacts to keypads to acoustics. It easily exceeds the performance demands of frequent, extended use.

Gaining access to the typical enterprise-level applications used every day is a necessity to realize full return on investment (ROI). The MC50 is also compatible with industry-leading CRM applications, including Microsoft®, Oracle®, Siebel®, SAP® and IBM®. It is easy to use and similar in form to the traditional PDA used by many sales associates, which encourages adoption. All of these capabilities combine to provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The top features of the MC50 provide a solution for everything a sales representative may need while out of the office.

  • Integration with enterprise-level business applications
  • Mobility management software to deploy and manage mobile devices and wireless networks
  • Compatibility with leading customer relationship management (CRM) applications
  • Durable design for daily, high-volume usage
  • Data capture options provide linear and two-dimensional scanning or imaging
  • Wireless local area networking (LAN) - IEEE® 802.11b - for on-the-go data and voice communications
  • Voice telephony for push-to-talk (PTT), peer-to-peer (P2P), private branch exchange (PBX), one-to-one or one-to-many communications
  • Familiar Microsoft Windows MobileTM-based operating system

On-the-Go SFA Applications for Pharmaceutical Companies

MC50 mobile computers give rapidly growing outside sales teams' access to applications that maximize productivity and efficiency - on the road, in the car or at a customer site.

1. Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Regulated industries like pharmaceuticals have strict mandates for accountability from government agencies or regulatory entities. Every time a sales representative visits a physician and leaves behind any prescription samples, he or she is required to get the doctor's signature before leaving the office or medical facility.

With the image scanning option in the MC50, the sales representative quickly captures the signature electronically to confirm the transaction. This e-record is later sent on to the corporate database using the integrated wireless LAN features in the MC50. Once there, a full history of samples and purchases is accessible at any time by the sales representative or for regulatory reporting purposes.


  • Increase accountability for compliance
  • Streamline business processes for higher productivity

2. Manage Forecasting and Revenue Commitment Activity

Successful organizations know that more visibility into the sales pipeline is an instrumental part of the business process. Yesterday's manual processes are ineffective for today's real-time sales environment. With the right tools, more accurate forecasts are performed and expenses are kept in line with anticipated sales. Mobility gives every salesperson the chance to deliver precise forecasting, and this information enables managers or directors to identify more incremental sales opportunities.


  • Produce accurate, timely forecasts
  • Increase sales

3. Order Entry and Management

For sales teams, the MC50 delivers unparalleled productivity right from the physician's office. Data entry is performed at the site to ensure accurate, error-free orders. The MC50 offers flexible keypad options that enable sales teams to quickly enter updated order information. A sales history is easy to access in real-time, so customer questions are also handled immediately. With the MC50, order entry and management can be conducted in real time.


  • Create more accurate orders
  • Improve follow up

4. Inventory and Order and Delivery Commitment

Knowing exactly what's available in inventory helps sales teams meet the needs of physicians. Setting clear expectations is important, and the ability to view current status of orders empowers sales representatives. This capability also streamlines order processing and fulfillment in warehouses or distribution centers.


  • Develop accurate invoices
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Set reasonable expectations

5. Automate Pricing and Configuration

Prices are rising along with the costs to research, develop and market pharmaceutical products. Using the MC50, salespeople easily access detailed account profiles to know exactly what pricing is appropriate for a specific doctor. This prevents errors from occurring and builds stronger customer relationships. It also enables drug companies to track the actual expenditures and outcomes for increased accountability and justification of a specific drug's cost.


  • Build stronger customer loyalty
  • Increase accountability

6. Manage Customer Interactions and Calendar/Scheduling

Using the MC50, every part of a customer interaction - from signature capture to pricing to purchase history - is readily available for analysis. This makes the sales representative's job more productive. In addition, appointment scheduling and real-time alerts for notification of critical business events keep the sales representative's calendar and time both organized and efficient.

With so many companies vying for physicians' attention, pharmaceutical sales teams must have information readily available about clinical trials, marketing materials and competitive data. With everything accessible via the MC50, customer interactions are more productive and effective. Building long-term, lasting relationships with customers is a core competitive advantage.


  • Boost productivity
  • Increase sales
  • Enhance market share

7. Lead Management and Delivery

New leads are delivered right to the salesperson's MC50 with the appropriate software. Advancing more comprehensive lead management programs enables drug companies to make the most out of every marketing dollar. In the pharmaceutical market, millions are spent to effectively market and sell high-margin prescription drugs. However, it's still difficult to measure the success of a campaign.

By automating this business process, sales teams indicate the progress or outcome of every lead. This information is further analyzed, and more targeted marketing decisions can be made. Further, sales opportunities are more likely to be tracked aggressively, which leads to increased incremental sales opportunities.

Visiting a physician's office is also an excellent source of feedback for marketing efforts. Using quick, convenient surveys, sales representatives can use the opportunity to gather key impressions and insight from top customers on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


  • Maximize marketing opportunities
  • Generate new business

Return on Investment

Mobile SFA applications deliver compelling business reasons for adoption. With automation, the cost of meeting compliance mandates is reduced and sales teams operate smoothly and efficiently. Gaining full use of existing CRM or SFA applications offers a lucrative measurement. With the easy, intuitive MC50, end-user adoption is sure to increase.

  • Lower TCO
  • Increase end-user acceptance
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve sales
  • Higher customer satisfaction

As for the technology ROI, reducing the cost of maintaining separate devices is a key metric. This extensive collection of devices proves challenging and costly to manage and support. In their place is one, easy-to-use yet powerful mobile computer running SFA applications. With mobility services platform (MSP), support teams get instant insight into the mobile devices and wireless networks comprising the SFA system. Upgrading and deploying software updates is quick and convenient. This helps to reduce overhead, which leads to a more cost-effective support and service operation.

Symbol MSP Benefits:

  • Faster, easier deployments
  • Increased visibility into mobile assets and performance
  • Reduced downtime and support costs
  • Rapid implementation and extensibility

From both a business and a technology perspective, the MC50 delivers a strong return on investment.


Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services ensure that your mobility solution works seamlessly and at maximum efficiency - from defining your business requirements through ongoing service and support.

Application Providers

Designed for rapid deployment, MC50 mobile computers integrate rapidly into new or existing IT infrastructures. The Microsoft Windows Mobile-based MC50 is compatible for use with some of the leading CRM and SFA applications used by pharmaceutical companies today.

  • Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM Sales and Customer Service Modules
  • Oracle®
  • Siebel® Mobile Service Handheld
  • SAP®
  • IBM® WebSphere® Everyplace™ Access


Pharmaceutical sales teams need the ability to capture, move and manage customer information to and from the point of business activity. Adding the strength of the MC50 enables drug companies to get the full TCO from CRM or SFA applications.

Fast growing sales forces and limited time with physicians make every customer interaction more critical. With full access to the features of core business applications, sales teams are empowered to delivery unparalleled service to build loyalty. Leads are available, marketing materials are accessible and orders are accurate and traceable. This gives drug companies the chance to explore every potential business opportunity to increase sales.

The sleek, intuitive MC50 does exactly what it intends to do. It transforms a sales team encumbered with bulky, traditional technology and streamlines all the necessary functions into one device that fits into the palm of a hand.



Motorola Symbol MC5040 Enterprise PDA

Motorola Symbol Mobile data collector computer SMC50-IP10 MC50, SMC50-IP20 MC50, SMC50-IQ10 MC50, SMC50-IQ20 MC50, SMC50-SP10 MC50, WLAN, 64/64, SMC50-SP20 MC50, SMC50-SQ10 MC50, SMC50-SQ20 MC50, SMC50-CP10 MC50, SMC50-CP20 MC50, WLAN, 64/64,

Motorola Symbol MC5040 Ruggedized Enterprise Digital Assistant, Extended battery, 64/128Mb,Win 2003, with scanner and keypad options

MC5040-PK0DBNEA8WR WLAN, PPC2003, 64/64, PIM Key, 1D/2D, 3600mA
MC5040-PK0DBQEA8WR WLAN, PPC2003, 64/64, QWERTY, 1D/2D 3600mA
MC5040-PS0DBNEA8WR WLAN, 1D, 64/64, PIM, PPC03, 2X BTY
MC5040-PS0DBQEA8WR WLAN, 1D, 64/64, QWE, PPC03, 2X BTY


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