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Nordic ID RF601 Wireless Data Collection Terminal Nordic +


With this solution, all the software runs on the host system. The data are transferred in real time to the 260g light mobile data collection device - thus enabling staff to access up-to-date warehouse data, orders or detailed product information at any time. Updates and system modifications are centrally provided in a time-saving way. The mobile terminal is optionally equipped with a laser scanner, a long range laser or a CCD scanner. Its large illuminated display ensures good readability even in poorly lit areas. The Nordic ID RF601 handheld is e.g. used in retail and enables many activities to be relocated to the sales room, so that staff is more frequently available to deal with customer enquiries and the service is improved.

The wireless base station that connects an optional number of terminals to the host computer can be linked to further base stations. This allows the Nordic ID RF601 wireless network to be easily extended at any time as required. The terminals are not linked to a certain base station but are able to receive and send data from all stations while operating (Roaming). The base stations are provided with an integrated TCP/IP network connection.

Because of the Nordic ID RF601's large wireless range, the system is easily installed: using the mobile terminal, a radio frequency site survey can be carried out within seconds (even when the system is active) and the corresponding base stations can positioned. With the free ActiveX functional library software, software applications are quickly realized. As the software runs on a central host system, there is no need for time-consuming installations on terminals. The applications are instantly ready for use. While the application is running, the terminal provides a permanent wireless connection to the host system, thus making sure that all information can be accessed at either side.

Nordic ID RF601 is available in anthracite and turquoise - however, optional colors reflecting the corporate design of the user company are also possible on request.

The multi-purpose Nordic ID RF601 is precisely what you want it to be. The application is developed for a host environment. This can be either a single PC or the company business system. The Nordic ID RF601 operates as a wireless terminal to make the application available to you wherever you need it.
The radio network for the data transmission is easy to construct using the powerful base stations. One base station can support several users simultaneously. The base stations can be connected to the host computer via serial cable or directly to the Ethernet simply by plugging the network cable to the base station.

The Nordic ID RF601 is a wireless data collection terminal that extends the company data system right where it is needed: goods in, warehousing, the shop floor and customer service, for example.

The Nordic ID RF601 can be used in several ways. By reading the barcode it will display the product price, delivery time or other needed information. In a stock take the number of items counted is entered directly into the company data system from the Nordic ID RF601. You can sort out your reservations, place the orders and update your database anytime, anywhere. All this is achieved wirelessly and in real-time.

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Nordic ID offers you a hand in retail, logistics and industry. With our user-friendly handheld instruments you can enjoy the benefits of having an extra hand free, increasing your work efficiency

About Portable Data Collectors
These portable devices are used in conjunction with an application program to gather information from usually barcoded or tagged items. We supply units with and without barcode scanners, with CE, Pocket PC Windows Mobile (2003 & 2005) or DOS based operating systems and a wide range of keyboards, displays and supporting accessories. These terminals can have diffrent scanning technologies including CCD, Laser, 1D, 2D, Imager, RFID. Our manufacturers include Motorola/Symbol, Hand Held Products, Intermec, Datalogic, Opticon, Metrologic, Cipherlab, Paxar Monarch and Unitech.