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Promag GS2000-USK RFID Time Recording Terminal

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Promag GS2000-USK RFID Time Recording Terminal
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The Promag GS2000 is an RFID terminal for mobile registration of 125 kHz EM4102 standard transponders. It is specially suited for time clocks, stock-taking, industrial data collection, quality control, route and work process control, measuring manufacturing time, etc. Due to excellent workmanship and its weather-resistance (operation temperature down to -10 C°), the terminal is the perfect choice for outdoor use. Drops have no impact on the GS2000 at all, because of its metal housing. Wherever RFID transponders do not require direct processing, these mobile terminals come in handy.

Even inexperienced personnel can set up these devices after a few step at the PC: A charger is connected to the USB port of your computer - totally independent of external power supplies. Windows starts the installation automatically - you only need to enter the driver source (the provided CD). After driver installation the system creates a virtual com port for data queries. Then the device is ready to use.

Use the included GS2000 software monitor for configuration and protect it with a password against unauthorized use. Choose the correct COM port for your GS2000 and allocate a device ID to the terminal to distinguish it from other connected terminals. One click and you transfer all collected data to a specified directory. The transferred data base consists of device ID, transponder ID, date, and time. As long as no special file names are specified for the report, the files are saved under the current date. After data transmission users can choose automatic deletion of the data, time synchronization, or device shutdown. Users can use a single click to display the amount of saved entries on the GS2000.

The software package includes a second software application called »Guard-Tour-Utility« - use it to allocate transponder IDs to names in the software (e.g. ID 12345=warehouse, ID 6789=reception, etc.). Transponders that already have a name allocated to their ID are shown with their name instead of their ID number. On request users can use the software to compile a report on respective transponders. The memory of the GS2000 can hold over 14,300 entries. The device is powered with a C alkaline battery (1.5 V) which can last for at least 100,000 scans.

The device is IP66 compliant spray-water-resistant and water-repellent. Read distance to the transponder is approximately 3-4 centimetres. A correct read is indicated both acoustically and visually. The GS2000 is available as USB or serial (RS232) version - integration into existing systems is made easy.

  • Mobile torch-sized RFID data collection device
  • Saves up to 14,320 entries
  • Impact-resistant metal housing
  • EM4102 compatible transponder
  • 100,000 scans for each battery charge

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