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Promag PCR/MFR-120 RFID-Reader for Time Recording

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Promag PCR/MFR-120 RFID-Reader for Time Recording
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The new Promag PCR-120 for mobile time recording or personal identification solutions - Specially for guard-duty, construction sites, etc. Unlike conventional hardware that is used in fixed installation or desktop computers, the PCR-120 can be used virtually any mobile application, such as for projects and special events. Naturally, it can also be used for industrial purposes, on construction sites or for home-office time recording - the compact, low-weight PCR-120 offers customers highest mobility and flexibility.

In order to answer your customers' requirements with the highest degree of flexibility, we offer portable readers for various standards: It incorporates the same design that is used for the MSR-120 magnetic card reader with the difference that it reads RFID transponder at 125 kHz (EM technology) instead of magnetic stripe cards. A RFID readers for data collection with high frequency range is also available: The MFR-120 reads transponder serial numbers and RFID tags at 13.56 MHz using the Mifare/Felicia standard. The device is easily integrated into any application and available with either RS232 or USB interface.

Every read process is accompanied by an acoustic and visual confirmation. After each read process the transponder data is displayed on the 101x76pixel display of the device. Use its four navigation keys to control the device, go through data entries or to delete entries. This always includes status information on the total amount of data entries, date and time. Whenever you want to transfer your collected data to the PC, a simple press on the button will suffice. You will have an overview of all data entries instantly. Consequently, you choose how to proceed after transferring the data - you either delete all old entries in the device or keep them. A large 512KB memory allows up to 8,192 entries that are processed with the supplied »Monitor« software application.

Similar to the MSR-120, the PCR-120 is password-protected against unauthorized access. Use the setup software on the provided CD to configure date, date format, time, interface and backlight of the reader.
Long operation and high reliability are provided by the use of conventional 1.5V size AAA batteries.

  • Compact RFID reader with display
  • For mobile time recording solutions
  • Reads EM compatible transponders
  • Stores up to 8,192 entries
  • Backlight display

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