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Promag SF60X Access Control with Fingerprint Reader

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Promag SF60X Access Control with Fingerprint Reader
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Promag offers you a new generation of data collection devices for highest security demands with their SF series access control systems. User identification is realised through a combination of finger print and contactless RFID data collection. The device reads tags and 13.56 MHz transponders (ISO 14443-A standard) at high speed and clears access only if the read data matches the user's information. You can choose one of three access modes: Access with card only, access with finger print only or the combination of both to meet highest security demands.

The terminals provide professional support for all kinds of time recording applications in companies, access control (e.g. in hotels), cash­less payments, customer retention systems and various solutions for personal identification, such as for login purposes in IT businesses.

Configure user information easily with the supplied fingerprint software: The SF500 stores 10 fingerprints. In other words, up to 10 users can gain access without the use of a transponder only with their fingerprint. But: Fingerprint information may also be stored directly on the transponder card. There­by, you authorize access to an unlimited number of employees with a combination of RFID and biometric access control - the fingerprint is simply compared with the information on the card.

The perfect choice for access control and time recording systems in larger companies is the version SF600. The device holds finger print data of up to 1,900 employees for top access security: Lost access cards may not be used by outsiders to gain access or information. Additional online access of an extensive finger print database is not required, regardless of the amount of handled data.

All SF models feature a 3-in-1 interface for instant integration into any existing system. The RS232, Wiegand and ABA-TK2 interfaces are directly at your disposal.

To make integration of this new technology easier and to offer hardware demonstration, we offer special kits that helps you to prepare for customer appointments professionally. There is a professional starter kit available for every Promag SF version including the following elements: Configuration and fingerprint software, an SF series reader and a PCR-310 for programming.

  • Professional access control at high security standards
  • Reads finger print data and RFID tags at 13.56 MHz
  • Combines biometric and contactless data collection
  • For up to 1,900 registered users
  • RS232, Wiegand and ABA-TK2

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