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Psion Teklogix 7530 G2 Rugged Handheld Computer

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Psion Teklogix 7530 G2 Rugged Handheld Computer
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Psion Teklogix

Extreme working environments demand the toughest tools on the planet. And there's none tougher than the 7530 G2. None. It thrives in the bleakest conditions. And excels where weaker equipment surrenders. It even makes light work of that brutal environment - the cold chain.But don't label the 7530 G2 a bruiser. It's as agile and flexible as it is powerful. With a dizzying range of applications to help you get the job done.

Beyond rugged

You've got to try hard to take the 7530 G2 to its limits. It has a drop rating of 2 meters to polished concrete. And it has an IP rating of 67 - the highest IP rating of any handheld computer on the market (meaning it's pretty much impervious to dust and moisture).

The 7530 G2 doesn't care about temperature, either. It can withstand extremes of -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to 140°F). And even when you move between hot and cold environments, the screen won't frost or be covered with condensation.

Ergonomics for the mobile worker

Pick up the 7530 G2 and it hits you. How well-balanced it feels. Something about it immediately feels right.

And it looks right, too. You can read the bright VGA display even in glaring sun. And the backlit, hard-capped keypad, together with the dual-enter keys, means one-handed use couldn't be easier. No matter how long the shift lasts.

Endless flexibility

The 7530 G2 is Windows®-based and fits into your infrastructure, hassle free. And because it's based on industry standards, you can add apps and accessories as your needs change. So you never need worry that you've made a short-sighted decision.

Look what we've packed in

Integrated Bluetooth® and WiFi or Narrowband WLAN options are all here. The 7530 G2 is as flexible as applications need it to be.


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Psion Teklogix Inc. is a leading provider of rugged mobile computing solutions to a range of industries around the world. For over three decades, companies have turned to Psion Teklogix to empower their mobile workforces by increasing efficiency and productivity. Psion Teklogix offers a wide range of rugged mobile computers fully supported by responsive and reliable customer service and a creative approach to solving your mobility problems.

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