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RFID for General Supply Chain Logistics

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RFID for General Supply Chain Logistics
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Efficient RFID systems offer many advantages for general supply chain logistics in reducing overall costs by optimizing process efficiency and quality. Unfortunately all logistic items are different and cause individual challenges for implementing RFID systems: required identification range, proximity to metals and liquids, noisy warehouse environment, stacking items or large quantity of items in boxes have to be dealt with for installing a robust RFID system which realizes the targeted cost benefits.

The technology can overcome some of these difficulties as it is very fast, very reliable to process moving items which are stacked or in close proximity to water and metals. Our high performance standalone readers allow a robust system design and reduce the installation costs dramatically.

Products for General Logistics:

  • Fully shielded tunnel reader to process fast moving boxes containing hundreds of items in all orientations or stacked
  • Flexible MARS reader family with a wide range of dedicated antennas for flexible installations at conveyor belts or stations

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Barcode Technologies......... is a leading integrator of barcode data capture and AutoID and mobile computing systems with comprehensive range of barcode printers, barcode scanners, complete software solutions to address all your critical data capture and data management needs.

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RFID has captured the attention of many leading companies today who are making significant investments of money and time to make this technology feasible in their operations. The goal, however, is to leverage internal RFID structures to capture and share real-time business information across entire enterprises and with trading partners. In other words, RFID deployments based on open, standardized EPC interfaces that enable interoperability and multi-vendor implementations may achieve the ultimate in global data sharing: total asset visibility.