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RFID Tracking for Document, File and Box Records Management Barcode Technologies

RFID File & Document Tracking Solution provides a complete file and document tracking, workflow, and records management solutions that leverage leading edge RFID technologies to streamline tracking processes, saves time and labour, and reduces operating costs.

DocStaxx, is a file & document tracking software using RFID. DocStaxx, designed for ease-of-use  at an affordable price point, combines the power of the Microsoft® SQL Server® with Magellan Technology's Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) RFID reader to allow the tracking of documents in any environment and in any position.

The DocStaxx system is ideal for use in law offices, mortgages companies, insurance

companies, banks, hospitals, medical offices, and similar types of businesses where the retention of paper documents is essential. These types of companies require efficient and accurate tracking of valuable, signed and original documents for the purpose of locating and securing, in real time, documents for legal, accounting, and privacy issues.

The software is web-based allowing anyone with the appropriate permissions to interrogate the system (either through an internal network or via the Internet). The use of SQL Server, a widely used database server, allows for easy integration with existing systems if required, while giving the standalone system tremendous power. Magellan's PJM High Frequency (HF) RFID technology, StackTag®, is the only RFID technology with the ability to communicate with RFID tags even when they are stacked without any separation. This important attribute, unique to StackTag technology, enables the reliable tracking of original documents, including single page documents, on desks, in folders, on shelves, or in archive boxes.

"DocStaxx combined with Magellan's PJM RFID technology eliminates the problems normally associated with tags that are touching or overlapping," said Steve Halliday, an RFIDTraxx partner. "PJM allows hundreds of RFID-tagged documents to be read and located accurately, in real time, without any loss of performance".

DocStaxx is a highly adaptable system that was developed to accommodate companies of all sizes and requirements. The DocStaxx system provides a migration path for companies to implement on a small scale and expand the system as its needs grow.

"We've created an easy interface for the user to add, find, view, checkout, archive, and shred documents," added Joe Lemieux, an RFIDTraxx partner. "No other document management system can identify and locate stacked or filed documents like the DocStaxx system, and that's essential when handling important documents. Having instant knowledge of the location of a document and its history can save millions of dollars in today's businesses."

In fact anywhere that there is a requirement to track physical documents

The system uses an approach that keeps track of all the locations that a document is seen. On each desk in the office, a reader is used to log documents in and out. The reader can be a pre-made document tray (in-box) or the antennas can be embedded in an existing desk. The document is placed on the antenna and the system records the event. A full history of the document as it moves around the office can be accessed in the system. There is a facility to add new documents, retire documents and even send documents to archive.

The Requirement

Files and Documents need to be tracked automatically. They may all enter the department at a single point or they may enter at multiple points. The documents are all RFID tagged and readers are placed at appropriate points in the process to allow easy location of the documents.

The Solution

DocStaxx is the solution. This turn-key, web-based solution includes all of the hardware and software to automatically track all or selected documents and files. In the DocStaxx software, permissions can be set to allow adding and/or retiring of documents and folders at any or all, of the read stations. Once a document is added to the system any station can create a complete audit trail that not only shows the real-time location of the document, but also all the people that have handled or made requests for that document.

The Benefits:

  • System operates in a Web Browser, eliminating the requirement to have software and updates on each Office PC.
  • Queries and reports are accessed via the Web Browser.
  • Documents can be located in real-time, a huge time saver.
  • Add Documents and monitor activity from your browser.
  • DocStaxx manages files and contained documents (Parent/Child Relationship).
  • Eliminates misfiled documents
  • Check-in / Check-out of files done securely.
  • Easily retire and archive documents.
  • Audit trail reports are included with the software. Additional reports can be added at anytime.
  • Software can be designed to fit your application and the training can be tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the system track electronic documents?

No at this time the system only works with physical paper documents


2. What RFID system is used?

The DocStaxx system uses PJM RFID from Magellan Technology (see Hardware for more information)


3. Can I use my RFID tags with this system?

Yes if they are PJM tags. The system does not work with other RFID tags.


4. Do you have suppliers in other countries?

Yes, contact us for more information


5. Can I use my server for the application?

Yes but we will need to understand your IT system. Contact us for more information.


6. Can I expand the system?

Yes, the system is fully expandable. You pay only for the hardware and licenses required.


RFID Document Records Management: RFID Tracking solution for Documents, Files, folders and Boxes, Records, any important item.....

RFID Document management systems provides a reliable tracking management and live monitoring of important unique documents which move around in companies, public or legal offices: on desks, in shelves, in cabinets and in archives to ensure the accurate tracking of documents, files and folders.


Tel: 01442 872232 or e-mail:

Magellan Technology announces the release of a full range of Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) RFID products targeted for document control applications. Only Magellan's PJM StackTag technology, which complies with the international standard ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 2, has the ability to communicate with RFID tags even when they are stacked without any separation. This unique attribute enables the reliable tracking of original documents, including single page documents, on desks, in folders, on shelves, or in archive boxes.

Keeping track of original documents once they are signed and kept as evidence is important due to legal and auditing purposes. This is especially vital at law firms, financial institutions, hospitals, govern-ment offices, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as educational institutions for tracking documents such as original exam papers. Original documents often travel from department to department, and as they are handled by more and more people, the likelihood of their being misplaced or lost increases dramatically.

Only Magellan's unique PJM StackTag technology can effectively communicate with hundreds of tightly stacked tags that have virtually no separation, like RFID tags on single page documents. Today all other RFID tags stop working when they are next to each other and could not be reliably used for document tracking. The PJM anti-collision protocol allows users to reliably manage more than 16,000 tagged items, pages or files, per reader at identification speeds of 700 tags per second.

"There is a growing worldwide requirement for a technology to efficiently locate and track important, original and signed documents for legal or auditing purposes," said Bodo Ischebeck, Chief Executive Officer of Magellan Technology. "Today only PJM's unique StackTag RFID technology is able to reliably monitor and track thousands of documents throughout the office and archive environment even when single page documents are tightly stacked."

Magellan offers a wide range of document control specific PJM StackTag labels and dedicated reader products. The MDOCR-2505 Document Tray reader is a full PJM RFID reader in a typical office in/out tray form factor. It will read up to 100 tightly stacked RFID-tagged documents within the tray. Most folders and documents are kept in cabinets or on shelves for storage and access. Various filing cabinets and bookshelves are used, and these can all be fitted with Magellan MARS readers and bookshelf antennas to enable the constant monitoring of all tagged documents and folders. The MARS-24 reader can operate up to 24 single or 12 bookshelf antennas which are used to locate documents and folders on individual shelves of a document cabinet. Such a configuration allows up to 100,000 documents to be managed and monitored remotely with a single reader. The PJM RFID-based Document Management System dramatically speeds up the process of archiving documents. With Magellan's MSTRP-5050, a high performance 3-D tunnel reader, archive boxes containing more than 10,000 RFID-tagged documents can be reliably identified and processed in only a few seconds. Magellan RFID readers contain a full embedded RFID Operating System and can be directly connected to the IT network using Ethernet or USB. All products are in mass production, ROHS-compliant and fully certified for CSA/UL, FCC, CE, Australia and Canada.

PJM RFID products are currently being used in document control applications in Europe, Asia and Japan . A dedicated video clip is available on the Magellan website that demonstrates the use of PJM RFID products for document control applications.

About Magellan Technology

Magellan Technology Pty. Ltd., Sydney , Australia , is a technology developer; manufacturer and licensor of advanced read and write 13.56MHz RFID systems. Magellan designs and offers RFID chips, inlets, and a complete reader portfolio for Magellan's Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) technology, which complies with the International Standard ISO/IEC 18000 Part 3 Mode 2.

The PJM technology is more than 10 times faster than other existing HF technologies. PJM StackTag is unique in its capability to identify, read and write RFID tags even when they are deeply stacked together. PJM products are optimized for applications where many hundreds of tags are stacked tightly or need to be identified reliably in fast moving dynamic situations where tags are presented in all orientations.

Magellan licenses its PJM technology world wide and welcomes enquiries from interested parties including other manufacturers and system integrators.

Further information is available Call Tel: 01442 87 2232 or e-mail:

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