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Track and Trace Barcode Solution for Hospital Surgical Instruments Barcode Technologies

Track and Trace Solution for hospital surgical instruments and trays of instruments throughout the disinfection and sterilisation cycle of reusable hospital surgical instruments

Complete solutions provides full visibility of every instrument uses SQL db software and barcode and RFID hardware and allows full traceability tracking and traceability throughout the cycle of reusable instrument disinfection and sterilization. 

Tracking and Trace Hospital Surgical instruments solution helps to improve patient safety by reducing risks and providing a robust audit trail of every surgical instruments. The system provides instant critical data and better management and helps improve the efficiency and productivity.

Track and Trace Solution for Hospital Surgical instruments solution system manages the tracking and traceability throughout the cycle of reusable instrument disinfection and sterilization. 

Track and Trace Solution for Hospital surgical instruments solution improve inventory management and traceability provides gives full visibility and comprehensive audit trail throughout the whole of the turnaround cycle where these instruments are supplied & used in different departments and returned for disinfection and sterilzation cycle within the hospital distribution hub.

Track and Trace Solution for Hospital surgical instruments software provides tracking and monitoring surgical equipment, surgical instruments are monitored to determine their location, last sterilization, maintenance record, and the like software solution can show history file.

One of the biggest challenges facing NHS hospitals today is track and trace the vast range of instruments. 

NHS Hospitals Healthcare have been implementing 2D barcode systems to improve tracking and traceability of their valuable surgical instruments, patient safety and to maximise asset management. An area of particular concern was the surgical instrument reprocessing cycle, particularly to and from sterilization. Ultimately, the goal of the system is to save costs through a more efficient process and better timely use and asset management.

Healthcare providers have already started to implement 2D Datamatrix (two-dimensional) barcodes directly on their surgical instruments. Because of this, the GS1 Healthcare established a group to develop appropriate industry standards, which underwent the GS1 Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) and Application Standards for Small Medical/Surgical Instrument Marking have now been established. The implementation of this standard is definitely a significant accomplishment towards the goal of improving patient safety.

The standards take into account the specific requirements of marking surgical instruments, such as their small size, readability throughout the items life-cycle and the need for biocompatibility. With the standard, industry wide-adoption is possible by manufacturers and healthcare providers of the GS1 2D Datamatrix, the GTIN and the serial number in an application identifier. 2D barcode scanners are able to automatically capture the data in the sterilization department, enabling full surgical instrument traceability and thus improving both efficiency and patient safety.

Asset tracking
Lower your costs and increase your efficiency by knowing exactly where your assets are and where they have been

Many NHS hospitals suffer downtime because things like surgical instruments, trays, beds and wheelchairs are not where they’re supposed to be?

How asset tracking can help hospitals
When hospital staff spend much of their time looking for surgical instruments or medical devices, it can mean the difference between life and death. Tracking your assets can help:

·     stop assets going missing

·     prevent unnecessary costs

·     lower costs - you only need to buy new assets when you need them because you always know what you have and where it is

·     increase efficiency by always having the right assets available at the right time – and in the right place

·     release capital - on average, organizations have around 30% more assets than required

Why are standards needed for asset tracking?
Many assets are hired from third parties. Standards are needed to ensure that this exchange happens as efficiently as possible and that all parties are able to understand the data flow that accompanies the physical flow.

Standards enable you to uniquely identify each asset and build a detailed audit trail of:

·     which wards it has been on

·     when was it deep cleaned

·     when was it last serviced or repaired


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