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Mission Statement

Founded in 1995, BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES exists to help you drive profits and improve your profitability by making well-informed business decisions, operating more effectively and efficiently using leading lead barcode and RFID technologies, and thereby giving you, your company to provide the best service and support possible for your customers.

BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES specialises in barcode and RFID solutions that help you drive profits through making well-informed business decisions and operating more effectively and efficiently.

Our products are designed to help you attract and retain more customers by providing them with a fast, seamless, and error-free service.

  We deliver:

  • Best-in-class barcode and RFID products, service and solutions that save time, eliminate error, control the information flow, and gain real-time visibility into your operations.
  • Best-in-class barcode and RFID products, services and solutions – providing you instant connectivity and visibility into your operations, assets, and staff to save time, eliminate error, and control the information flow.
  • Great value for money with our extremely competitive prices, expert customer service team, fast reliable delivery, and excellent after-sales support.