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Ratiotec RP 50

The ratiotec RP 50 testing pen is the fastest and easiest means for authenticity testing of banknotes. It is suitable for all currencies, excluding so-called polymer currencies, in other words plastic-coated banknotes. The testing pen reacts to the chemical composition of the banknotes, so it is simply an indicator. However, a majority of the false money currently in circulation does not even fulfil this criterion with which the RP 50 uncovers most of the

  • Ratiotec RP 50 - Counterfeit detector pen, checks the chemical composition of banknotes, for nearly all currencies, 135x12mm

    P/N: 30071

    Delivery: 1-2 days*

    £2.23 (ex VAT) £2.68 (inc VAT)

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