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Coronavirus conduct 4-Ts Testing Tracking Tracing and Treating using Cryo Deep-freeze UHF RFID labels suited for storage in -80°C (-112°F) for faster identification

Coronavirus conduct 4-Ts Testing Tracking Tracing and Treating using Cryo Deep-freeze UHF RFID labels suited for storage in -80°C (-112°F) for faster identification
In the age of pandemic such as SAR-3 MERS and now current SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus-19 there is an urgent need to conduct the 4-Ts - Testing, Tracking, Tracing and Treating

And speed is of the essence in order to determine who may be infected then for testing samples that are individually collected and sent off to labs for analysis to determine if one is positive or negative.

Barcode technologies have been used in the past for speedier identification and now BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is offering RFID Technologies for tracking and tracing samples sent off to laboratories. Of course, BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES has had to overcome the massive challenges of samples sent off to test laboratories as these samples have to be stored in extreme temperatures such cryo deep-freezer at -80C centigrade minus. These challenges are doubled using materials of the label and adhesive make up that are stored at these -80°C to +90°C temperatures as well as the challenges of RFID technology working at these very low temperatures.

BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD having tested and tried these labels to overcome these challenges and is now offer an RFID Cryo Freezer Labels thermal transfer 2D Barcode Printable labels suited for storage in -80°C (-112°F)  in the RFID Ultra High Frequency (UHF). These labels can be applied to vials and test tubes as well as Well Trays with multiple samples.

Thermal Transfer Material with perfect adhesive to allow to print not only human reader information but also to scan 2D barcode printed using barcode and RFID thermal printers for UHF RFID labels with high tack adhesive to ensure the labels do not peel off in the extreme testing processes.

Cryo Deep-freeze thermal transfer UHF RFID labels suited for storage in -80°C are stored in refrigeration storage and can be identified at very fast rates in multiples as RFID Technologies has huge capacity to read vast numbers of results of test tube vials and trays within seconds.

Deep-freeze radio frequency identification (RFID) labels that can be scanned/read at 360º without the need to be in direct line of sight. Well suited for storage in -80°C (-112°F) freezers and dry ice transportation with a flexible UHF inlay that allows excellent adhesion to vials and other containers, even at these very low temperatures. Tracking & Trace means accurately recordings, identifying, locating and delivering auditable reports of samples in the science laboratory and the complete storage lifecycle. Suitable for real-time tracking and inventory of small diameter cryotubes & cryovials, cardboard freezer boxes, polypropylene cryo/freezer boxes, cell culture plates, and other containers.

BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is offer the complete solution including the RFID labels, RFID Printers, RFID encoding and barcode label printing software as well as barcode scanners and RFID Readers in desk-top or mobile handheld RFID Readers in UHF frequency.