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How to choose a barcode scanner?

Different versions of barcode scanners


How to choose a barcode scanner?


Barcodes- decoded with barcode scanners

Description: Barcode scanners can be easily used to sell products and perform the operation of asset tracking in a better manner. These barcode scanners are available in a number of variants.

Summary: This article is aimed at discussing in detail the various types of scanners that are available in the market today. Not only does the article talk about varieties, it also brings forth various features and uses of different types of scanners.

Handheld barcode scanners play an extremely important role in asset tracking. The task of inventory control can be automated to a huge extent with the help of barcode printers, assuming that the correct barcode details pertaining to a particular product are entered into the barcode scanners.

With the availability of a large number of bar code scanner models in the market today, it has become almost impossible for an individual to choose the right kind of barcode scanners without getting confused even for a moment.  A large number of people who are unaware of the concept of barcode scanners could possibly identify it as the product which is usually seen at the grocery stores. After purchasing an item, the barcode imprinted on it is duly removed by the shopkeepers with the help of a small machine, which are actually the barcode scanners.

A barcode scanner or a label printer helps to read the bar code which is printed on the product and make a note of the item name and the unit cost of the product which can then be added to the bill of the consumer.

Moreover, bar codes can also help an individual to create new barcodes for the new inventory which is added to the existing stock on frequent basis. Barcode scanners make use of a particular kind of barcode software which allows them to create unique bar codes for each and every new item that is added into the inventory. These barcodes can then be printed by making use of label printers easily. Some of the most popular kind of bar code scanners includes the following:

  • Wand scanners: This is one of the most common type of barcode scanner, which comprises of a pen-type scanner which constantly needs to be kept in contact with the bar code printed on a product, while scanning it. The wand scanner emits a red light on the bar code. This light helps to decode the bar code, read and identify it by the computer.

This is also one of the least expensive kinds of barcode scanners available around and is used widely in a number of applications. However, making use of this inexpensive form of barcode scanners has its own limitations as well. A wand scanner needs to be held at an extremely precise position in order to enable it to read the barcode correctly.

  • CCD Scanners: Another important type of barcode scanner is the CCD scanner, which is better known as charged coupled device. Although this kind of bar code scanners are a bit expensive than the former one, they are suitably priced in order to suit the budget of most individuals. CCD scanner is quite easy to use, as compared to the barcode scanner.
  • Laser scanner: Another variety of barcode scanner is the laser scanner. Laser scanners make effective use of a beam of light in order to read the bar code, decode and digitalise it instantly.

However irrespective of the kind of barcode scanners which are used by an individual depending on an individual's budget as well as requirement, it is necessary to invest in a proper stock control software, which can help their business to keep a track on the inventory control.

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