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Improving Business Efficiency with Barcode Scanner

Improving Business Efficiency with PDA Scanner


Generating Return on Your business with the help of Hand Held Scanner


Highlighting Your Business Efficacy by the use of High Quality Scanners


In today's fast moving world, people hate to wait for anything. The same is true for your customers as well. Have you noticed long queues of customers near the cash counter of your shop? If you are really looking at the ways to get rid of this long waiting time, you should start making use of handheld scanners for billing the goods for customers.


Understanding the features and uses of POS barcode scanners and handheld scanners can give us fair idea about their application. Knowledge of these scanners will only make life easy for us in terms of making them more user-friendly and customized to suit our applications. Here we at giving you enough food for thought regarding these useful devices.

Barcode scanners, printer label scanners and other digital scanners have already been put to use in various multinational retail chains running from across one country to another. Now, it's the time for small retailers and business man to catch up with the various uses of hand held scanners. Handheld scanners can really improve the turnaround time for each customer and can speed up the billing process

Reasons why you should adopt handheld scanners:

  • It can easily scan barcodes from gift articles, goods and even accessories, computer products and video games
  • Helps to add speed to your business
  • Scans product details like product code, shipment number, lot number and price
  • Provides you the option of scanning details, material books, slides and any important business presentation as well
  • Allows you to scan items at every possible angle
  • Stored information can be easily generated back in order for further analysis or interpretation
  • Books of accounts can be easily maintained and stock register entries can be made error free
  • Come for cheap as compared to other scanners

Given the above reasons, businessman should definitely consider the use of handheld and POS scanners.

Features of these scanners:

  • Provides storage capacity up to 50 sheets
  • Offers high color resolution
  • Comes along with USB port. Hence, can be connected to external media devices
  • At times comes with the option of duplexing wherein you can scan both sides of a sheet or label

Types of POS & PDA Scanners:

  • CCD based scanners
  • LCD based scanners


However, handheld or POS scanners are not free of shortcomings. In order to scan all items, you first need to scan all the items with barcodes. Also CCD POS scanners are unable of reading barcodes that are placed on round surfaces.

Hence, the barcodes need to be put on smooth surface so that the hand held or POS can read them properly. To avoid this problem, you should make use of LCD based scanners. Buying quality POS barcode scanners from Symbol or Datalogic can assure you quality and can reduce some of your other material problems.

Resource Box: Abundant information about POS software and handheld scanners can be easily available through internet, Scanner companies. Studying their brochures on web portals can provides you loads and loads of information about high quality barcode scanners, especially, hand held barcode scanners. Generally, hand held scanners fall in the category of light industrial barcode scanners.

Overall, POS scanners are light weight, easy to carry and easy to use for multiple applications. Apart from retail outlets, they can also be used at clinics.