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ThingMagic IZAR 4-port UHF RFID reader replaces the ThingMagic Mercury6 RFID Reader

ThingMagic IZAR 4-port UHF RFID reader replaces the ThingMagic Mercury6 RFID Reader

JADAK ( ThingMagic ), recognize the importance of managing product life cycles and allowing our customers sufficient time to plan when a product is at end of life. The ThingMagic Mercury6 finished reader has served our customers for more than 8 years but unfortunately, one of the key components of the Mercury6 finished reader is no longer available.  Due to this component obsolescence, JADAK is forced to retire the ThingMagic Mercury6 finished reader.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: ThingMagic M6e embedded module family is still available for purchase.  It is only the Mercury6 finished reader that is being retired.

In light of this retirement, JADAK recently introduced a new product: ThingMagic IZAR – a 4-port UHF RFID Reader, which serves as a superior replacement of the Mercury6.  The ThingMagic IZAR provides significantly better performance than the Mercury6 and comes at a lower cost.  ThingMagic IZAR is an LLRP reader and also supports the ThingMagic Mercury API, which eases the migration path from the Mercury6 to the IZAR. Please see attached for the ThingMagic IZAR spec sheet.

Last time buy orders for the ThingMagic Mercury6 finished reader must be received on or before September 31st, 2018. Please note that last time buy orders may not be cancelled, and all last time buy orders will be shipped on or before December 31st, 2018. JADAK’s commitment to service and support, will honor all existing one-year warranties.   

JADAK specializes in HF and RAIN UHF RFID products and services that help customers solve unique inspection, tracking, scanning and documenting challenges. Our engineering and applications teams will work with you to identify the best alternate replacement option for your needs and develop a migration path.

Please contact us to help you work through these product decisions. To discuss RFID product options or order product, please call on Tel: 01442 872232 or email: