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All new cloud web-based real-time Asset Software as a Service (SaaS) Tracking Solution from Redbeam

All new cloud web-based real-time Asset Software as a Service (SaaS) Tracking Solution from Redbeam
Fixed asset tracking made easy. Eliminate messy spreadsheets, streamline physical inventories as you take control of your organization’s valuable property and assets. Keep constant track of your computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and all other valuable assets using this comprehensive SaaS cloud-based real-time asset tracking solution.

Speeds up your tracking process and improves the accuracy of data and information in real-time tracking purchasing information the solution Improves complete visibility in real time and prevent losses. Maintains data and records for insurance purposes Complience of government regulations and meets all the audit requirements and improves reporting and accuracy as it minimize paperwork and maual data capturex and processing as it has creates a single central repository and keeps detailed history of asset use

Fully tested and proven asset tracking solution integrates best asset tracking practices: barcoding, detailed record-keeping, and reporting capability into one powerful system. Ideal for businesses and organizations that need to track 500 or more fixed assets, the solution provides a complete fixed asset database, the ability to easily keep asset records up to date and streamline the physical inventory process by up to 70%.

Easily capture important information about each asset, including barcode ID, location, department, status, purchasing, and user-definable fields. Use your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to add and manage your fixed assets on the fly.

Barcode technology dramatically streamlines the physical inventory process. Use enterprise mobile devices for scan-intensive activities like conducting annual audits.

Barcode technology streamlines the physical inventory process significantly. Using enterprise mobile devices, simply select your location, scan the assets in that room, and move on to the next room. If an asset is new or has moved, the system will let you know. When finished, you see right away if you’ve missed any assets to prevent you from having to go back later.

RedBeam Asset Tracking is used by all types of organizations, including state, local, and federal government agencies, single site and multi-site companies, and other entities that need to track assets and capital equipment. RedBeam makes it easier than ever to keep asset records up to date.

Whether you have 500 or 50,000 assets, RedBeam Asset Tracking is the perfect valuable asset solution you've been looking for ?

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