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All NEW Sato PW2NX Mobile Barcode Label Printer for faster mobile label printing demands for supply chain and logistics

All NEW Sato PW2NX Mobile Barcode Label Printer for faster mobile label printing demands for supply chain and logistics

A reliable way of printing barcode labels in a warehouse environment is essential to ensuring a smooth and efficient operation and keeping tracking of the products and the location of each product for efficient supply chain.

Combined with Bluetooth or WiFi wireless hand-held mobile computers terminals, SATO’s lightweight PW2NX mobile printer, prints both picking barcode labels and shipping labels to improve the picking and checking operations in the warehouse and logistics.

On-demand, on-site labelling with SATO’s PW2NX wireless mobile label printer brings benefits such as quicker response times, increased productivity, higher reliability and reduced costs to the picking and checking operations.

SATO’s PW2NX wireless mobile label printer is highly mobile, it also offers best in class print speeds and high-quality barcode label print-out as and when, wherever required.

PW2NX Series printers have an industry-leading maximum printing speed of 152mm per second. They are also able to print 47 major languages, they print text, graphics, 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. PW2NX Series printers deliver a desktop-quality full 55mm print ( 2.0inch) width with temperature monitoring and printer control to generate a consistent output.

Sato PW2NX series printers include:
•    Quick and easy media loading with one-touch cover opening
•    Bright and clear displays with alerts
•    A range of software and tools available

Compatible with SATO labels and all commonly sourced media, PW2NX Series printers ensure top print quality and durability to guarantee customer satisfaction. Linerless labels operation, which is typically a chargeable option on competitor models, is standard with the PW2NX.

This is beneficial to customers, such as retailers, with stringent waste reduction targets. Linerless labels contain up to 40% more labels per roll and support waste and carbon footprint reductions.

Although the PW2NX Series printers are small in size, they display outstanding robustness and are drop resistant from up to 2.1m. PW2NX Series printers have strong bodies and edges that can absorb any impact when dropped.

This prevents costly downtime as a result of printer breakage in both internal and external workplace environments. The device can withstand impact with all hard surfaces, which can make all the difference in a warehouse environment.