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Nordic ID has just appointed leading Barcode & RFID company in the UK, BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD as its trusted re-seller Partner !

Nordic ID has just appointed leading Barcode & RFID company in the UK, BARCODE TECHNOLOGIES LTD as its trusted re-seller Partner !
Nordic ID, a manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art RFID, barcode readers and solutions appoints Barcode Technologies Ltd UK, a global company of barcode and RFID products hardware and labels and tags, as their top re-seller. With this re-seller agreement, both parties reward their cooperation with an official partnership.

With over 26 years years of experience in the barcode and RFID products hardware and labels and tags, Barcode Technologies Ltd is in an excellent position to combine its in-depth knowledge and expertise with Nordic ID’s extensive RFID product portfolio to offer the best possible solutions that fits the needs of RFID Technologies solutions.

Barcode Technologies Ltd is UK's leading provider of products & solutions in barcode & RFID data capture and AutoID and mobile computing systems with comprehensive range of Barcode printers, Barcode scanners, complete software solutions to address all your automatic identification and data capture and critical data management needs to maximise efficiency and profitability for your company.

As a total solutions provider, Barcode Technologies offers a full range of wireless solutions, PDA & mobile computers, Barcode scanning equipment, Barcode printers, ID card printers, Barcodes verifiers, Barcode labels, Barcode printer ribbons, RFID printers, RFID tags and RFID readers. We aim to offer our customers best value and prices, with fast delivery

Nordic ID is the leading European solution provider for rapid and accurate item tracking and tracing. We are passionate to grow and bring a digital soul to every item on the internet using proven RAIN RFID technology. With a solid track record of groundbreaking, innovative automated inventory and item tracking solutions we have established our position as a long- term partner for our customers in selected industries. Since 1986, the company has continuously launched cutting edge solutions, developed in Finland. More information

Nordic ID is at the center of today’s real-time item tracking and reliable RFID technology. Nordic ID help organizations fight the damaging effects of item loss, facilitate streamlined business procedures, and stay ahead of the competition. The expertise is based on the fact that Nordic ID is a European forerunner in RFID technology. Nordic ID is involved in several RFID retail projects. Nordic ID offers customer focused solutions for retail, automotive, facilities and others.

With its vast partner network, Nordic ID is able to build RFID systems for the customers. When you need a complete RFID system, when you need product support, when you need help with the implementation, or when you need a partner – Nordic ID is there for you. The core of the RFID performance in Nordic ID devices lies within the Nordic ID UHF RFID module Nordic ID offers you a hand in retail, logistics and industry. With our user-friendly handheld instruments you can enjoy the benefits of having an extra hand free, increasing your work efficiency.

Barcode Technologies Ltd UK with its head office in Berkhamsted, in the United Kingdom, is aglobal re-resller of Automatic Identification (AutoID ) and Data Capture (AIDC) products and solutions. Barcode Technologies Ltd UK was founded in 1995 and focuses on sales of Barcode and RFID products and solutions and as well as labels tags to many companies UK, Europe, and globally including Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Please call UK Tel: 01442 872232 or email: