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ZXP Series 9 Retransfer ID Card Printers

ZXP Series 9 Retransfer ID Card Printers

We are delighted to announce that the new ZXP Series 9 printer by Zebra is now available to order!
Featuring revolutionary retransfer technology for the highest print quality at the fastest speed. You will now be able to print extremely colour-rich, sharp, durable, and secure ID cards at low cost, with minimal waste, and no error.

Outstanding Print Quality
Zebra ZXP 9 ID card printer delivers exceptional photo-like image quality with rich colours at market-leading sharp resolution. Colour Predictive Technology, exclusive to Zebra, constantly monitors and instantly adapts printer settings to automatically produce the highest print quality.

Lighting Fast Error-Free Printing 
Zebra ZXP 9 Series ID Card Printeris the fastest retransfer printer on the market, producing up to 190 cards per hour. During the image transfer process, the film is simultaneously applied to both sides of the card, with print time drastically reduced and the risk of costly mechanical errors and jams minimised.

Switch Between Standard and Fine Printing Modes
You can now select Standard printing mode for faster and more efficient standard quality printing. Fine printing mode produces the highest and the sharpest image quality at a slower speed.

Versatility and Durability
Unlike direct-to-card printers, ZXP 9 Series prints onto flexible, transparent film, which then thermally bonds to the card, enabling printing on uneven surfaces, such as smart cards and key tags. With retransfer technology, you will get extremely durable and abrasion-resistant cards. It is possible to print onto non-PVC cards.

Save Money and Reduce Waste
Waste-free laminate technology gives you an extremely low cost-per-card operation, with waste reduced up to 50% and costs minimised by up to 30%.

Connectivity and Flexibility
The new Zebra ZXP 9 Series Card Printer features multiple connectivity, including Standard USB, Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi (U.S. and EU only), enabling you to relocate the printer anywhere within your network.

Added Security Features
Improve security and minimise the risk of forgery with best-in-class transfer and laminate technology that includes options such as micro-text, holographic and UV-fluorescent images.

To find out more about and order the new ZXP 9 Series printer, please call us on Tel: 01442 872 232 or email