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All about barcode scanners

All about barcode scanners


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What you need to know about handheld barcode scanners

Description: A large number of malls today make use of barcode scanners at their payment counters. These scanners help the cashier to note down all the relevant product details immediately and fasten up the payment process for the customers

Summary: This article is aimed at discussing in detail the uses of scanners and the various types of scanners available in the market. Here, you would get to know about a wide variety of barcode scanners available in the market, such as laser scanners, imager type scanners and CCD barcode scanners. The article at length covers the use of CCD Scanners.

With mushrooming of malls in every nook and corner of the city, the concept of shopping has undergone a dramatic change in the last few decades. People now have the freedom to surf around, take a look at the entire range available in the shop, try the products and apparels and then only take them to the payment counter. But this new-found consumer freedom also has its set of pros and cons as the number of incidents of shoplifting have increased considerably in the last few years.

It has become extremely easy for individuals to pick up stuff from the stores and get away with it without actually having to pay for it. This is possible as most of the merchandise is lying in open racks. It is not possible for the shopkeepers to keep a track of all the counters at all the times and this is exactly the situation of which the shoplifters seem to be taking advantage of.

However, a large number of individuals have come up with the revolutionary technology of barcode scanners. These bar code scanners can be made use of in order to read the bar codes which are imprinted on the products kept in the shop. Almost each and every shop, irrespective of the products it deals in, has exclusive barcodes on all the products.

Market is flooded with a variety of scanners with different facilities and features. You can choose amongst the imager type scanners, laser scanners or CCD barcode scanners. Among these barcode scanners, one of the most widely used kind of scanners are the CCD scanners which apparently do not have any moving parts and remain fixed at one location.

CCD scanner which is also known as the Charged-Coupled Devise Scanner comprises of light source, which when pointed to a particular object containing a barcode, helps to illuminate the image. Upon illumination, a reflection of the image is created which can be read by the barcode scanner. The reflection of the image is scanned electronically. The bar code on a particular product gets converted into a corresponding number of letters, thus revealing its exclusive code.

CCD scanners are also popularly known as handheld scanners which are connected with a PC or Mac from the other side. The CCD scanner helps to send the numbered bar code into the computer where it can be fed into the entry lists.

Apart from the PC method, yet another method is the one which makes use of a serial connection. A serial connection which makes use of a direct beam-like light can be directly connected to the PC. This particular kind of connection is used when the PC doesn't have enough space for the interface for the barcode scanners. Some of the most popular kind of barcode scanners include the ones which are produced by Motorola, such as Motorola 3G and Motorola barcode scanners.

Resource box: There is a wide range of barcode scanners available in the markets around. An individual can also try to go online to have a look at some recently launched models of handheld barcode scanners. Have some simple research online to know more about these useful and easy to use devices.