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Barcode Label Printers

Why Have Label Printers Challenged The Word Processor And Casual Printers?


How Label Printers Make The Entire Designing, Formatting And Editing Of Labels Easy?


Label Printers: All about Their Types, Models And Usage

Description: The advent of modern science and technology has smartly shoved of the long used word processor and usual printers in the creative domain of designing labels. Earlier, these rusting methodologies had elevated the expense of label printing but also made the entire phenomenon a bit tedious. But now, with label printers striking the limelight, label printing stands to be a cake walk.

Summary: The article describes the various features and types of label printers. The advanced technological attributes of label printers are also discussed in detail, with a brief insight regarding the colours of label sheets and famous brands of label printers.

Features of label printers

The emergence of affordable and effective label printers had smoothed out the hassles faced during label printing. Some of the features of features of label printers are as follows

  • Easy connection: well, these label printers are downright smart, as they can be simply connected with your laptop or desktop through a USB cable.
  • Easy organisation: You don't have to freak out for bestowing the best designs and organisation for your labels. These printers do it all!
  • Easy printing: They give flawless output in terms of impression, texture and colour blending. You can have infinite copies in few seconds.

The different types of label printers on the basis of their usage are

  • CD label printers
  • Colour label printers
  • Barcode label printers

Along with these technological facilities, some of the label printers are also accompanied with LCD screen and a built in keyboard. Furthermore, they also have the necessary software needed for the formatting, editing and organising of the respective data.

Along with it, these added softwares convert the Microsoft Excel and Word sheets into the desired label format. Moreover, no matter what's the dimension of the label sheets are, the data can be made bold, italic or underlined according to the size. Even for the generation of proper bar and print codes, label printers are used.

Famous brands

Some of the famous brands which produce label printers are

  • Primera
  • Seiko
  • Informatics
  • DYMO
  • Zebra
  • Rimage
  • IBM
  • Avery

Necessary tools

Along with the necessary integration with other prevalent software tools, the technologies added in advanced scanners are

  • Bilingual support
  • Tailored print outs
  • Customised type face and paragraph formatting
  • Contacts database
  • Support for PDAs and Palms, which are the media labels
  • Floppy disks
  • Cassette tapes
  • Video tapes
  • Import of logos and graphics
  • Automatic loading of labels
  • Word wrap

Nowadays, the colour label printers are tending to be more crowd pullers. Some of the common colours, which are set in the printers by default, are

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

The various colours in which label sheets are now available are silver, green, florescent red and white. In order to further adorn the output of these label printers, laminated materials, security tapes, and fabric tapes and water-resistant label sheets can also be used.

Though, the two most essential virtues of label printers which make them hot favorites for the commercial establishments are speed and accuracy.

Resource Box: Rejuvenate your search for zebra label printer by searching the informative webpages of scanner companies. Just a scrutinised look at their forums, products and services you can also get to know more about label printing software and cheap printheads. You can also search the price checkers for evaluating the actual price of the respective label printer.