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RFID Labels & Tags: What is the RFID Tag Format for Data?

In general, an RFID Tag represents memory that can be written in any data format. Some chips are more capable than others, e.g. by providing a file system or reserved memory areas for certain standardized pieces of data. Many proprietary formats exist on the market, but there are also some standardized formats that allow interoperability between tags, readers and applications from different vendors. Some public data format examples would be:

    64-bit UID – LF Tags – typically read-only

    ISO/IEC 11784/11785 (FDX-B) – LF Tags - Animal ID

    EN 14803 – LF Tags – Waste Management

    NDEF – HF NFC Tags – defined by NFC Forum

    EPC – RAIN UHF Tags – defined by GS1