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Who would use our rugged Handheld mobile computers ?

Who would use our rugged Handheld mobile computers ?

No matter what your mobile application, Handheld can provide you with the rugged mobile computers to get your work done faster, more consistently and with greater efficiency. Whether you’re moving from pen and paper, upgrading from a consumer-grade computer, or already on the cutting edge of mobile field technology, Handheld has the rugged mobile computers to help.

Our products are designed for anyone who works in a tough environment. Whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures or tough work situations, our devices measure up to all of them. Here, we've included some of the markets where you’ll find our products — but even if yours isn't listed, give us a call. We'd be happy to put together a solution that works for you.


Whether its use is mission-critical or just to make your job a little easier, agricultural demand for rugged mobile technology is increasing. Our handhelds keep up with the latest agriculture technology innovations, and our customers are using them to help track livestock with RFID, manage farm inventory, run irrigation control systems and more. We offer affordable rugged options that you can depend on.


It isn't hard to see why construction workers require rugged equipment. But what might not be so obvious is how construction workers can use rugged computers. From carrying blueprints to the field and not having to worry about wind or rain making a mess of the paper, or doing on-site job calculations, to keeping track of on-site inventory, rugged mobile computers can increase efficiency, decrease costs and help keep jobs on track.


You could say that all the work our computers do is environmental work, since holding up to any environment is exactly what these handhelds are made to do. With the help of our fully rugged mobile computers, biologists, scientists and environmental consultants have journeyed to one of the coldest places on Earth to collect sea ice samples, used precise GPS information to speed clean up of oil spill sites after a tornado, and inspected and monitored storm water assets to comply with federal reporting requirements. No matter the environment, our devices have you covered.

Field Service

The efficiency and effectiveness of field service workers has taken a quantum leap over the past few years with all the advantages of rugged mobile computers. Gone are the days of shuffling through piles of work orders and calling back to the home office for driving directions or schedule updates.

Handhelds with integrated barcode scanners, can help ensure that each truck is stocked with all parts that might be required on a call. 


Forestry, by its very nature, takes workers into tough outdoor environments. We've had customers use our devices for timber cruising, GPS navigation, wildlife surveying and other types of forest management. From silviculture to wildfire management, the mapping, imaging and reporting capabilities of today’s rugged handhelds are an essential part of keeping our forests healthy — and forest workers efficient.


Geographic information systems (GIS) capture, manage and analyze geographically referenced data. To gather GIS data or to create maps using GIS data usually requires users to be out in the field, often in remote locations. And increasingly, companies and government agenciesare using GIS data to track the location, features and quality of their assets. Either situation warrants a device tough enough to withstand the environment, and feature-rich


Our rugged, lightweight computers are a perfect fit for data collection, inventory management, merchandising and communications tasks in tough industrial environments. In applications from manufacturing to warehousing, our handhelds can send data wirelessly in real-time, create robust reports that sync seamlessly with office technology, integrate with onsite machinery for status tracking and help you assist customers with a wealth of information right at your fingertips.


Technology for logistics management is no good if it can’t dependably keep tabs on all your important goods and data. Our customers around the world trust our truly portable, fully rugged handhelds with all their distribution and supply chain management tasks. With fast processors and powerful scanning capabilities, our computers are a reliable fit for logistics operations in even the toughest environments.


The military generally sets the standard for tough devices of all kinds. Even the standards we use to rate the ruggedness of equipment is a military standard. So, it’s no surprise that rugged mobile devices find their way to the battlefield and myriad support assignments. You'll currently find our devices, used by NATO troops, in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other remote regions of the world where ruggedness, dependability and long battery life are vital.


The mining and drilling industry uses handheld computers to handle timekeeping, vehicle tracking, maintenance, supplies deliveries and real-time communication with the back office. The advantages over a paper-based system are obvious: data collectors greatly streamline job functions, data errors are reduced and labour costs are minimized.

Mining and drilling naturally takes place in an extremely harsh environment, so the computer solution has to be tough enough to withstand challenges like vibrations, dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas personnel spend a large amount of time in remote pipeline locations and on oil rigs — environments that aren’t exactly gentle on technology. Our handhelds are tested to military standards for ruggedness, yet they’re also extremely compact, ergonomic and user-friendly. Handheld products allow you to easily capture data associated with resource-monitoring and transport tasks, and keep all your important information secure while you focus on doing your job efficiently and safely.

Outdoor Adventurers

Your occupation isn’t the only reason that you might encounter a need for a rugged mobile computer. Extreme adventurers need electronic devices that can survive extreme conditions. Our devices have summited the seven highest peaks on seven continents and even helped in breaking the world record for farthest distance travelled in a human-propelled boat. What adventures do you have planned?

Public Safety

Public safety workers broke ground long ago on getting computers out in the field. Vehicle-mounted notebooks are an expected part of a police vehicle nowadays. But that innovation continues with rugged PDAs for tracking patient data, rugged tablets for navigating unfamiliar routes and pre-planning for fire departments. Whether it’s for fire, police, EMS or other areas of public safety, we can provide you with form factors and features for top performance.

Public Transportation

Public conductors taking cash or electronic payments, bus drivers following complicated or changing routes, and municipal mechanics using diagnostic tools and referencing trouble-shooting manuals —these are only a few examples of how rugged mobile computers are making work easier and more productive for employees in the world of public transportation.

Public Works

Durability and ease of use are a winning combination for cities in search of technology that can help them collect, track and report data. The information you gather to help inform infrastructure-improvement plans is only as reliable as the method you use to collect it — which is why our handhelds offer long battery life and ruggedness that stands up to all kinds of environmental challenges. Our computers have saved public works departments countless worker hours, and our customers keep finding new ways to put them to use to help improve their communities.

Road and Railway Maintenance

Like construction, the maintenance of roads and railways is obviously the domain of rugged tools, including rugged computers. Professionals in this market can communicate project progress with a central office, carry design plans without worrying about protecting them from the elements, and do complex job calculations on the fly.


In security applications, every minute counts — and no one wants security personnel to be fumbling with technology when there’s an important job to be done. Our products set you up for success, with reliable real-time communication capabilities, long battery life, easy-to-use features, multiple connectivity options and fully rugged construction in a compact, ergonomic body. Our handhelds protect your data so you can focus on protecting your community.


Utility workers have been using mobile computers for years. But with the advantage of new communication possibilities, more and more tasks can be completed on a single device. Product inventory, meter reading (AMR), service call scheduling, and work orders are only a sampling of the different tasks that can be completed with rugged mobile computers. Whether you're with an electric, gas or water utility, we have a device that can help you get your job done.


Warehouse applications call for units that can withstand drops to concrete, temperature fluctuation, and dust. Rugged mobile computers can help in tracking inventory and carrying PDF versions of maintenance manuals, among many other tasks. Devices that can stand up to the day-to-day rigors of forklifts, refrigerated warehouses, and other industrial settings bring key information to the palm of your hand.

Waste Management

Waste management is another market for which it isn't too hard to see why ruggedness is essential. Dirty, wet, dusty conditions are an accepted part of each day in the field. Tracking carts, recording data on routes, and GPS navigation are just a few of the areas where rugged mobile computers can help get the job done easier, faster and better.